Breakfast at 399 Bar

On Saturday J and I woke up late. I was feeling a little glum, knowing I would soon be spending most of my weekend as a voluntary shut-in  as I had an assignment to complete for uni.

So when J suggested we try a new place for breakfast, I was thrilled – like the sad little dog that perks up at hearing the word ‘walkies’. I honestly think breakfast is my favourite meal of the day. While I love food in general, there’s just something so appealing to me about breakfast – pancakes, bacon, eggs (poached, scrambled, fried!), vegetables … I could probably fill a page with all the things I love about it.

We headed over to 399 Bar in Northbridge – we’d spotted it a few weeks earlier when we had dim sum with my family, and we were keen to check it out.

The place was quite deserted when we arrived – they had just opened.

I grabbed the newspaper, and we settled into a plush booth. Our coffee orders were taken quickly – I had my usual soy flat white, and J chose a long macchiato. You can see from the picture to the right how smooth and creamy my soy milk was. I was completely impressed by this point, and we hadn’t even ordered food! J agreed his long macc was perfect.

A waitperson came by once we were happily caffeinated to explain how breakfast at 399 works.

She told us that for $15 dollars each, we could have their ‘Bloody Mary Breakfast’, which buys you a bloody mary (hence the name, but you can also choose coffee, tea or juice instead) and any combination of cooked foods. Score!

While I am definitely not a fan of bloody marys (savoury cold drinks just seem wrong), I was happy to choose from the selection of food available – bacon, eggs (poached or scrambled), tomatoes, spinach and mushrooms were just some of the options, and the waitperson also told us they were just about ready with their hollandaise (so few places make their own now – this was very exciting!) We were also given a choice of english muffins or turkish bread.

J’s plate: English muffin with bacon, poached eggs, wilted spinach, grilled tomatoes and hollandaise

My plate: Turkish bread, bacon, poached eggs, mushrooms and hollandaise.

I really loved the turkish bread they served – it was liberally sprinkled with nigella seeds, which I love for that sort of savoury-spicy taste they add.

Everything was cooked fresh to order, and we were both really impressed with the overall quality and consistency of the food.

The plates were cleared away quickly (a definite plus) and we didn’t have to struggle to get someone’s attention for more coffee. (Our second round proved the coffee was still good. Another tick – the great coffee the first time was no fluke)

J wandered out the back and took this photo of the back courtyard. Nice, huh?

I really loved my breakfast at 399 – we’ll definitely be back again soon.

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5 thoughts on “Breakfast at 399 Bar

    1. jujichews Post author

      LOL – most cocktails in Perth cost around $14 – $16 AUD… so $20 including food is a bargain by our prices!
      (This must horrify you.)

  1. overconcerned

    This restaurant looks great. I think that what made the meal for you was probably the service… it certainly sounded very sincere and attentive! I love restaurants with good food AND service! 399 sounds like it has a lot of potential to become a wonderful restaurant. :)


    1. jujichews Post author

      I loved how personal it was. The waitress came over to our table and sat down and said “so, have you been here before? This is how our menu works…”

      I plan to go back for drinks and food sometime – their evening menu sounds good too!


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