Sunday lunch with J’s family

Sunday lunch with J’s family usually means one thing – dim sum.

The perfect meal if you’re feeling a bit hung over, or if, like me, you’re always hungry. The bite-sized morsels on the dim sum cart are always sure to satisfy.

We went to the family destination of choice – Dragon Seafood Restaurant.

They’re open 7 days, serving dim sum from 10:30am – 3:00pm Monday to Saturday (from 10am on Sundays).

With J’s family there’s no real ceremony – having done this many times, we’re all in-sync with our dim sum routine.

After waiting about 15 minutes for a table (the lunch rush was well and truly happening) – we were seated at the perfect table, right next to the condiments stand. I say perfect because J’s Dad is a big fan of the chili oil most dim sum restaurants serve with their food.

The first cart of steamed goodies came by and we dived on the Char Siu Paus.

These have been my favourite since I was a kid – these buns were light, fluffy and very fresh.

Dragon’s version have a good bun to filling ratio …

We also grabbed some other dishes while the cart was in front of us, including prawn and chive dumplings, prawn and pork dumplings (with impressively burtsy prawns adorning the top of each), siu mai (with fresh tobiko on top), prawn dumplings (har gau).

Dragon seafood do a great job with their steamed dumplings. I really like their siu mai in particular – they’re perfectly bursty with porky goodness. Their har gau are also good, with skins that aren’t too thick.

Our next pick was J’s brother K’s favourite – salt and pepper squid tentacles.

Every time we go to Dragon we’re all alert, craning our necks looking for the waitperson carrying the tray of fried dishes.

They’re crispy and light, and tossed with garlic, spring onions and green chili, along with the usual salt/pepper/5-spice combo.

K’s favourite part of the dish? The fried bits of garlic, chili and spring onions left behind.

We also demolished some serves of Lo Mai Gai and some pan fried dumplings (filled with minced pork and chives).

To finish off the meal, I had to have an egg tart.

I shared these with J and his Mum.

They were the perfect sweet end to our meal.

Dragon Seafood Chinese Restaurant on Urbanspoon

2 thoughts on “Sunday lunch with J’s family

  1. Wei-Wei

    Of course the perfect ending to a dimsum feast is egg tart. They’re amazing! Did you know they have egg white and whole-egg versions? The egg white version is just a little more delicate, but otherwise not much difference. I’ll take egg tarts of any kind anyday ;)

  2. jujichews Post author

    I’ve never seen egg white versions in Perth before.

    I wonder if I could find one in Hong Kong?

    I will definitely try to find one when I am there!


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