Saturday is all right for eating

On Saturday morning, TFP & Jac, J and I met up at the Station Street Markets in Subiaco for a late breakfast. We had planned our visit with something special in mind (but more on that later). We were all starving, so we headed away from the bustle of the fruit and veg stalls to the food section.

Whenever I go to the markets at Subi, I always head for my favourite stall – Juancho’s, which sells ‘south of the border’ favourites from Mexico and El Salvador.

J loves spicy food – and a regular breakfast special in our house is roasted veggies scrambled with eggs and chorizo, served with toast and hot sauce.

When J spotted spicy scrambled eggs served with refried beans and a corn tortilla on the menu, it wasn’t difficult for him to settle on a choice.

Jac and TFP shared a breakfast burrito, which was filled with a mix of scrambled eggs, tomatoes, chorizo and fresh herbs, all wrapped up in a flour tortilla parcel and served with a fresh tomato salsa.

Pupusas hail from El Salvador, and have been a favourite of mine for years. I first tried them as a kid. My parents had friends who were from El Salvador. We were lucky to be invited to their home for these delicious treats – family and friends would gather around for an afternoon, making fillings and mixing masa, finally eating hot Pupusas off the griddle for dinner.

Juancho’s version are as delicious as I remembered them – filled with shredded pork, beans and cheese. I love the flavour of the masa (corn meal) dough which surrounds the filling. The pan-frying gives the masa an almost popcorn-like flavour.

Despite eating those hearty dishes, TPF, Jac and I were still hungry!

I had a waffle with banana and cream from La Galette de France, and TFP & Jac shared a mushroom and chicken crepe (not pictured).

The waffle was fluffy and crispy in all the right places (my favourite part is the crispy edges). Paired with the sweet, ripe banana and fresh cream, this was a delicious sweet end to a satisfying breakfast.

Juancho’s and La Galette de France are located within
The Subiaco Station Street Markets
Located on the corner of Station and Hood Streets, Subiaco

Juancho's (Station Street Markets Subiaco) on Urbanspoon

7 thoughts on “Saturday is all right for eating

  1. TFP

    I’m working on my pics… will have the breakfast burrito innards shot as well as photo of the chicken and mushroom crepe. And the stuffed chicken wings from the Vietnamese place. :D

    1. jujichews Post author

      Bizarrely, I’ve never tried the other flavours they have. “The original” (pork, beans, cheese) is so good I’ve never really wanted to. But maybe next time!

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  3. Cindy

    It all looks very good! And how interesting about the Pupusas. As for masa, I’ve worked with it; helped an in-law of my sister’s make homemade tamales once — years ago. I need to try my hand at making tamales again myself.

    The fresh tomato salsa looks exactly like what is called “pico de gallo” around here. ;-)

    1. jujichews Post author

      Thanks for reminding me Cindy – you’re right, that was pico de gallo.

      I’d love to try making tamales. I love tamales!

      I just need to find a good recipe. And corn husks.


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