Jessie’s Curry Kitchen

This is the view of Jessie’s I see every day.

I’ve been living in the area for just over a year now, and I only just made it to Jessie’s Curry Kitchen on Thursday. I know realise the error of my ways. To be honest, I’m completely annoyed. Because I’ve been missing out for so long.

Meat samosas | $8.50 for five

We started with a serve of super-hot and super-crispy meat samosas – filled with (what I think was leftover) meat curry, these were the perfect introduction to the food on offer. It’s simple home-style food at its best – not that dissimilar to the sort of food my late Grandma would have whipped up for dinner.

Innards shot – note the big chunk of meat. My Mum would be impressed by the chunky meat filling!

Small curry combination – lamb | $11

J and I both decided to go with the small combination sets – which come with one meat curry, one veggie curry, dhal, rice and a pappadum. This evening we had the choice of lamb or chicken, so we went with one of each…

Small curry combination – chicken | $11

The chicken and lamb curry were both richly flavoured, and tasted just like home made. But my personal favourite of all the curries on my plate was the dhal – which was light, yet flavoursome, and included deliciously soft pieces of cauliflower in the mix. I would have happily eaten dhal and rice if I had known how much I would enjoy it! The eggplant was also a highlight – the eggplant chunks were simmered until soft and sweet, and were perfect when mixed with the rice.

I’m really glad we finally made it to Jessie’s – the weekend specials (like Nasi Lemak and Idyappum/String Hoppers) are really appealing. We’ll definitely be back soon – though I have a feeling I’ll be struggling to choose…


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4 thoughts on “Jessie’s Curry Kitchen

  1. oink

    i definitely know what you mean. there is this thai place opposite my place, it took me almost 2 years before i decide its time for me to “roll” there for dinner. and have not look back since. :)

  2. Gracey

    Juji, that place has been a firm favourite of mine for a few years. Next time you go, definitely try out a curry puff, they are the best curry puffs around. Also, their roti is great as well, and their mango lassies. Jessie is such a cutie too, and Mr Jessie is the most polite front of house man ever.

    1. jujichews Post author

      I will definitely try a curry puff next time, but will probably struggle to not compare it to my Mum’s – she makes the best curry puffs around.

      The roti looked awesome – I also saw people eating pooris and was very very jealous!

      I love living a parallel food-life to so many people I know! We have the best neighborhood ever.

      Mr Jessie was so nice – it was impressive just how nice, considering how busy they were when we went. And also considering the table of four oldies getting progressively drunker and more strange!


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