Royal Siam Kitchen, East Perth

On Saturday night, J and I enjoyed dinner at my favourite work-adjacent Thai restaurant. I’m a semi-regular visitor (I am a big fan of their seafood pad thai) – but I had never visited at dinner time.

Fried Tofu, with chili peanut dipping sauce | $5.50

We started with hot, crispy, just out of the wok fried tofu. I loved the soft and warm tofu, which had been quickly fried until satisfyingly crisp on the outside. Dipped into the sweet-sour sauce, it was bliss! J was convinced the sauce needed more chili and way more peanuts. So chili-wusses – fear not. You could definitely manage this one!

Roast Duck Curry | $19

To go with steamed rice for two ($2.50 each), we decided on a rich and deeply flavoured duck curry (one of my all time favourites!) which was thick with coconut cream, and featured lots of tasy morsels – tender (skin on) sliced roast duck, tangy and fresh grape tomato halves, sweet pineapple chunks, fresh capsicum strips and a few errant bits of coriander (which I picked out).

J and I both enjoyed sneaky spoonfuls of curry gravy while we ate our meal. While I am a long time duck curry fan, this was J’s first taste – he declared it a winner!

Siam white wine prawns | $22 (price from memory!)

Siam white wine is one of the chef’s special dishes – the fat, fresh prawns were satisfyingly bursty. The sauce was thick with chopped garlic, and had a great zing from chopped fresh chiles. Served on the side was a mix of steam veggies, including broccoli, cauliflower and cabbage. This could be described as a anti-vampire dish. Definitely worth checking out if you’re a garlic fan! Delicious :)

Royal Siam Kitchen | My plate

I was really happy to have finally made it to Royal Siam Kitchen for dinner. We both had a great time, and left with full bellies and big smiles on our faces.

The service was snappy and thoughtful (refilled water glasses, checking on progress, asking if we wanted anything else), and the food was as delicious as I expected.

Royal Siam Kitchen is a well priced restaurant with a good range of Thai favourites. I can’t confirm just how authentic it is (I’m definitely not an authority), but I don’t really think it matters, because the food is great. Definitely worth a visit if you’re looking for Thai in East Perth.


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