Breakfast at Jean Pierre Sancho Boulangerie Patisserie, Perth

Last Monday, I met my sister TFP in Perth for a food-filled day. We had made plans to check out the Fine Food Western Australia – a trade show devoted to food (of course)! But before we visited the show – it was time for breakfast.

We both struggled to choose from the tasty-looking baked goods on offer. Fact: I am a bread lover. And potato lover. Rice, not so much (I consider myself a traitor to my heritage, but you get that sometimes)! TFP’s eyes lit up when she spotted the fat little brioches studded with plump raisins. It immediately made me think of buying some to bring home – to make decadent brioche french toast.

Sweet (but not sickly sweet), buttery with a light and soft crumb. Yet satisfyingly dense. Ahhh. Love.

I had my heart set on a banana-chocolate croissant, but sadly when I ordered I was told that all the delicious looking banana goodies in the glass-fronted case were spoken for. I hate it when that happens. But it wasn’t a problem at all – because the chocolate croissant I enjoyed instead was a little piece of flaky, buttery perfection. Plus chocolate. Which I think makes it even better. Of course, I am still longing for the banana-chocolate version – but then there’s always next time :)

Mmm, flaky chocolate innards.

TFP enjoyed a pot of english breakfast tea (with soy milk) – which came with a loose leaf tea bag from Tea Drop. I’ve always really liked the tea from this particular brand – the silken tea bags are the perfect solution for those who prefer loose leaf blends (rather than the standard tea bag filler). I always find they brew a superior cup, without the mess factor of loose leaves.

And here’s my soy flat white, which was quite spectacular. Fact number two: I am hopelessly dependent on caffeine and all caffeine products. I like drinking coffee. Tea. Red bull. Cola. But coffee brings me the most joy first thing in the morning, and this cup was exactly what I needed. So good, that I nearly ordered a second.

But knowing our next destination – I decided to go easy on my belly. There was still more food to be had!



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9 thoughts on “Breakfast at Jean Pierre Sancho Boulangerie Patisserie, Perth

    1. jujichews Post author

      I don’t think they do scones, but I’m sure if they did they would be good :)

      Lots of delicious looking savoury options too – I can’t wait to try their lunch special rolls/baguettes. Mmmm…

  1. Charlene

    Yum, I love a good chocolate (french) pastry :) I am also dependent on caffeine (though mainly of the tea and coffee variety…i’ve not had an energy drinks since midway through uni) – just need that kick to start in the morning (and night :S)

    1. jujichews Post author

      I highly recommend the chocolate pastries from Jean Pierre Sancho. Ahhh, I want one now. That would be even better than my pre-bedtime cup of tea…

      1. Charlene

        Hm, I *am* going over to Perth on a business trip next week, but alas I have a feeling that my work will make me stay away from the city, if its the equivalent of its offices in Sydney, Brisbane & Melbourne… :( Osborne Park isn’t anywhere near this place, right?

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    1. jujichews Post author

      It certainly was! Past His Majesty’s, and near 78s. There’s also one on St Georges but I’m not sure where….

      Sent from my iPad

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