Comfort food: Chile con Carne

Purists (Americans) will look at this meal and shake their heads. It’s just as well I served it with homemade corn bread, and not rice. Chile con carne is a personal favourite of mine, and one I’ll happily turn to when short of time, imagination or desire to eat. This comforting combination of beef, kidney beans and a sauce rich with cumin, oregano and – if I’m feeling particularly crazy – cinnamon, makes for one really satisfying meal.

I serve it (usually) with steamed rice. Sometimes with tortillas. Last night – with homemade corn bread, my own pickled jalapenos and a blob of sour cream.

Scoff if you want, purists, but it tasted great. And yes. I know chili isn’t supposed to have beans!

8 thoughts on “Comfort food: Chile con Carne

    1. Lindsay

      Hey hey now! I’m an American and I LOVE beans in my chili! Lacylola, that’s not very nice, nor is it true! This looks very yummy :)

  1. Kate

    As a Yank, I take offense! ;)

    Honestly though, that’s far too general. There are so many different types of chili in the states. Only down in Texas I believe do they not include beans. Up North, most of our chilis use kidney beans. The chili that you’re speaking of is what we put on hot dogs up North…it’s a thinner, bean-less “chili”.

    I like white chili and the more standard tomato-based chili, but it always includes beans :) You must be friends with some people from down South!

    1. jujichews Post author

      Obviously all my friends in the south are way more vocal than those up north!

      The addition of beans has always been contentious, but I’m glad I’m not alone – I love beans in my chili.

  2. Angie

    Actually most American chili does have beans, at least in the Midwest. It’s pretty much just the Texans that prefer theirs without. yours looks tasty.

    1. jujichews Post author

      Thanks Angie! I love beans in my chili, but every time I mention it my friends in the south are quick to veto the idea…

      I’m glad beans aren’t a strange addition to all! :)


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