Jun Kushi Yaki Restaurant, Perth

You’d be forgiven for assuming this alleyway is just a mugging waiting to happen.

Just past the former site of the old Town Hall McDonalds on Hay Street, next to a foreign language bookshop, you’ll find total culinary gold, hidden down this dingy alley.

J and I arrived at our destination after a post-work drink at a nearby hotel. We were the first to arrive at opening, but a steady stream of city workers done for the day and larger parties celebrating birthdays arrived in a matter of minutes, all in search of good grub.

We settled on a few (ha) items from the quite extensive menu, starting with the sashimi of the day, $25 – featuring fresh tuna, salmon and scallops.

The fish and scallops were meltingly tender – a sure sign of fresh product, and beautifully sweet, like all good seafood should be. I loved the slightly gelatinous, sort of silky texture of the raw scallops.

We also chose the Yakitori assortment (10 sticks for $18). It smelled amazing upon arrival – a sure sign of the deliciousness ahead!

Clockwise from bottom left – chicken meatballs with ginger and Teriyaki sauce, Teriyaki chicken skin, Teriyaki pork belly (slightly nibbled by me, oops!), Teriyaki chicken thigh, Teriyaki chicken thigh with spring onions, chicken with plum sauce, salted chicken giblets, salted pork belly, salted chicken skin and finally, a salted chicken wing!

Check out the char!

My favourites were the classic Teriyaki chicken, Teriyaki pork belly and Teriyaki chicken skin. The sweet and salty Teriyaki sauce had caramelised to a delicious char, something I personally favour on anything labelled ‘Teriyaki’!

J really loved the salted meat sticks – we both thought the simple seasoning combined with the char-grilling really enhanced the flavour of the meats. The chicken wing was a particular stand out, with crispy skin and super tender meat.

This visit to Jun was my first, but the second in less than a week for hungry J. He’d discovered the place last week during a work lunch break, and raved, telling me it was ‘the best EVER’.

He insisted that we order the Chicken Karaage. Large chunks of crispy, golden chicken thigh arrived, looking like the ultimate fried chicken. The “secret spices” in Jun’s chicken? Generous helpings of ginger and garlic in their seasoning. Utterly delicious dipped in the Japanese mayo served alongside. Evil. Totally artery clogging. But oh so good.

We couldn’t pass up on ordering the butter corn, which is something we replicate often at our house! We originally got the idea to season corn this way from TFP and Jac, following their successful visit to Jun a number of years ago.

It’s simple and hardly warrants a recipe – but totally moreish and delicious. Jun pan fry corn kernels with a little butter and a dash of soy sauce, and voila! Butter corn.

We also enjoyed some grilled fresh shiitake mushrooms which were part of the daily specials. At $3 a stick, these weren’t very cheap – but wow. The umami-ness of the mushrooms was beautifully enhanced by the charcoal grill. Though tender, they were satisfyingly toothsome – something which J, the mushroom-texture-phobe, really appreciated.

J loves Jun!

We also topped everything off (or is that held everything together?) with rice and miso soup. All up, our bill came to about $70. Not bad considering the fact that we definitely over-ordered! :)

Jun is definitely worth a visit if you’re in the Eastern end of Perth. It’s quiet and unassuming, but delivers tasty treats which are further afield from the standard sushi and katsu combos that are ubiquitous to most Japanese restaurants and takeaway shops in Perth.

The fact that the restaurant is tucked away in an alleyway really only adds to the charm – but you’ll only know you’ve stumbled on a gem once you visit!

Jun on Urbanspoon

Open Monday to Friday for lunch (limited menu)
Open Monday to Saturday for dinner from 6pm

7 thoughts on “Jun Kushi Yaki Restaurant, Perth

  1. simonsayseat

    I got to make my way over to here!! I have often walked past the alleyway and saw this restaurant and thought “I wonder if it’s any good” and it turns out that it is!
    As soon as i saw in your review that they have chicken skin yakitori in my head i started to make plans to head down there.

    P.s. I really like the look of your new header image. :)

    1. jujichews Post author

      I’m so glad I finally went there! You’ll love it :)

      J says the set lunch specials are good too – though the full menu isn’t available, who could say no to fresh chicken katsu or karaage?

      Glad you like the new headers! I have about 10 different blog headers now – took me a while to realise I could upload a bunch of them and have them rotate. I like them too

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  3. Troy O.

    The sashimi is really fresh and I want to eat them all.. Go Sashimi!

    Is the place affordable and I want to bring a girlfriend in your place is the setting Okey for dating?

    1. jujichews Post author

      Hi Troy,

      Jun is quite affordable – prices for typical items range from $6 – 15, and there are a number of set menu options.

      As it’s quite a small restaurant it can be a little noisy if it’s busy. The decor isn’t too impressive, but it’s a comfortable restaurant.

      If your lady is a foodie, then I’m sure she won’t mind the setting! :)

  4. Shaun

    Only just found out about this place and they were closed over the holidays which made the wait build up the anticipation. I finally went there and loved it! The chicken katsu is delicious. I love the photo of the alleyway at night. I went during the day but it still doesn’t look inviting. I’ve got to go back again for more.


    1. jujichews Post author

      Awesome, I’m glad you liked it! I’ve not had the Katsu there, but J works in Perth and highly recommends it :)

      Must go again soon – the sashimi plate of the day way spectacular!

      Thanks for stopping by!


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