Becasse Bakery, Westfield Sydney

Just a quick post to share the beautiful thing that is the Becasse Bakery Banana and Salted Peanut Brittle Tart.

Perfection in a tart, quite possibly.

This tart features a pate sable base that’s crumbly and light and is filled with a creamy banana creme patissiere.

The texture of the peanut brittle rubble reminds me a little of honeycomb –  a sweet-salty crunch which is a great contrast to the smooth custard.

There’s flecks of real banana in the pastry cream which you can see as well as taste –  and I’m always a sucker for the real thing over weird artifical flavouring.

Best enjoyed with your beverage of choice – a Stolen Recipe iced tea for me, and a short macchiato for J.

Becasse Bakery on Urbanspoon

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16 thoughts on “Becasse Bakery, Westfield Sydney

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