Barby’s, Paddy’s Markets, Haymarket

Asian bakeries make me happy.

Sausage buns are a personal favourite of mine. I was a little disappointed to find a mini-hotdog in Barby’s version of this classic, instead of the alternative – a canned cocktail weiner.

I think I enjoy the Plumrose style dog because it reminds me of childhood. When I was little, I remember the pantry being full of strange and mystical cans – one of my favourite things to do was to rummage in there, looking for weird and wonderful things to eat, or inspirations for the next dish I would ask Mum to make.

Results varied – sometimes I’d find gold (canned mango slices, anyone?), other times, a savoury treat. That’s where the Plumrose mini-frankfurts come in! A favourite activity was making mini-franks in blankets, using buttered sliced white bread. Not the most nutritious snack, but hey, I was ten!

This bronzed beauty is a BBQ Pork Bun, which featured a coarsely chopped mix of pork, onions and some green peas thrown in for good measure. Tasty, if a little sweet, like all these buns are.

Stinky, but wonderful. That’s really the only way to describe this to all you durian neophytes. The thin, soft crepe we have here is wrapped around a tasty filling of fragrant durian flesh, mixed into freshly whipped cream.

It’s been wrapped up with a small log of chocolate sponge cake (a strange choice, but I think that’s what it was), which helps this fluffy pillow keep its shape.

Thoroughly enjoyable, and worth trying if you’re a durian fan! Though J found the aroma pretty strong, he agreed it was a pretty tasty way to enjoy durian.

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7 thoughts on “Barby’s, Paddy’s Markets, Haymarket

    1. jujichews Post author

      You’re welcome!

      I became thoroughly obsessed with the stuff on holiday last year. I spent the better part of a month trying to replicate it at home (with the required kaya toast), and no instant versions ever came close to the real thing :)


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