Arigataya Ramen, Northbridge

Chicken karaage dipping noodles, $14

Arigataya’s menu proudly proclaims – extra noodles free of charge! This was enough to hook me, let me tell you. But as usual, would my eyes be bigger than my stomach?

Chashu ramen in miso broth, $18.00

We happened to visit Arigataya by accident, after finding the place we wanted to go to busy on a Saturday night. Without a booking and with growling bellies, we took to the streets in search of our dinner…

There were so many options to choose from, and I found myself struggling to make a choice. In the end I went with something I’ve never seen before – the dipping noodles, or, tsukemen (in Japanese).

Several plump and crispy chunks of chicken karaage were served over cool, blanched ramen, accompanied by a steaming bowl of shoyu (soy sauce) based broth for dipping.

I read on the menu that Tsukemen ettiquette dictates that you shouldn’t pour the soup into the noodles, but instead dip each mouthful in the broth before you eat it.

It was a fiddly process, but tasty all the same. My only gripe was that I found the broth to be much too salty to enjoy on its own.

The noodles were served with the usual accoutrements – sliced bamboo shoots, a small sheet of nori, half a soft-yolked boiled egg, bean sprouts and blanched spinach.

Thankfully, J’s Chashu ramen was salty, but not too salty. Dispensing with all western table manners, he happily slurped away at the miso broth. It wasn’t strongly flavoured with miso paste, but I still thought it was more interesting than the uber-salty shoyu version.

Though the miso broth was easier to enjoy, It should go without saying that anyone on a low sodium diet should stay well away from the food here…

The sliced Chashu (rolled pork belly) was tender but a little bland. A shame, as other Chashu I’ved tried elsewhere has been much more flavoursome. 

Despite our unseasonal dinner choice, we had a good time at Arigataya. It’s simple and unassuming, with friendly, efficient staff. Hot green tea is available free, and with so many options on the menu, I reckon there’s something there to satisfy most tastes, even those of you who are die hard rice fans!

Ramen fans … have you tried Arigataya Ramen? What’s your pick from the menu? Did I just choose a dud dish? 

And yes, despite all my gut busting intentions, there was absolutely no way I could fit in a second helping of ramen, no matter how much I might have wanted them!

Arigataya Ramen
62 Roe Street, Northbridge WA 6003

Open Monday to Saturday – 11.30am – 2.30pm and 5.30pm – 9.30pm
Sundays and public holidays – 11.30am – 2.00pm and 5.00pm – 8.30pmArigataya on Urbanspoon

8 thoughts on “Arigataya Ramen, Northbridge

    1. jujichews Post author

      I noticed your post on urbanspoon! :)

      I like the sound of the gyoza ramen, might give that a go next time!

      J was definitely a fan of Arigataya after his chashu ramen experience. The miso broth was what did it for him…I’m more of a tonkotsu fan though (sadly elusive in Perth) but I reckon I’d be willing to have the miso version again.

      1. simonsayseat

        I have to say after reading blogs from singapore/malaysia and seeing the tonkotsu ramen they have i would like to try it. I have never actually tried a tonkotsu broth though.

  1. FatCat

    I love this place, especially the special ramen with the pork (so tasty), egg and soy broth. I’ve only ever seen one person order the extra noodles…and she ate the lot…had to give her 10 points for that!! Don’t order the fried noodles (oily and not nice)…stick to the soup and you’re on a winner!

    1. jujichews Post author

      No need to worry about offending me!

      Thanks for the tips. I’m always keen to hear about other place to try out, especially where ramen is concerned :)


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