Daily Planet, Mount Lawley

The Daily Planet

During the pre-Christmas rush, J and I decided to stop in at Daily Planet, the newly opened cafe adjacent to the other planets – Planet Video (okay, do we keep calling it video, even though they no longer rent videos?) and Planet Books.

We, like the rest of Mount Lawley, had been watching the space for months, waiting to see what would happen as the renovations progressed. 

The Daily Planet

Huevos Rancheros, $22.50

The wait was finally over a couple of months ago, and we were keen to check it out. It was busy that Saturday, and we were lucky to snag one of the last tables.

J was pleased to see Huevos Rancheros on the menu, being a fan of all things Mexican. This wasn’t a classic interpretation, but it was tasty all the same.

Two fried eggs crowned a huddle of plump butter beans, which were cooked in a spicy tomato-based sauce. Spicy chunks of chorizo added a punch throughout.

The Daily Planet

Though he really enjoyed the spicy beans, J was disappointed to find the egg yolks overcooked. It looked to me like the whole lot was probably finished off under the grill, to heat the beans, but ultimately this led to sad overcooked eggs.

The chorizo was lovely and spicy, and a welcome addition to the beans. But they could have done with a little more colour, for that caramelised perfection that suits this sausage so well.

The Daily Planet

Eggs Benedict, $16.50

I opted for the brekkie classic, Eggs Benedict, which turned out to be a much more successful dish.

Listed on the menu as poached eggs, ham, hollandaise sauce over a potato cake, I was intrigued. As a lifelong member of the potato fan club, this departure from the usual could only be a good thing – or so I thought.

Except that there was no potato cake! (In my head, I’m imagining Con the Fruiterer saying ‘what, no potato?’)

The Daily Planet

Perfect poached eggs. Fantastic!

But potato cake or not, this was a great version of this breakfast classic. Lovely fresh ham, which was clearly sliced off the bone, two perfectly poached eggs and some delectably creamy freshly made hollandaise.

The whole lot was served over some crunchy toasted sourdough, which was a fantastic vessel for the ham and eggs.

The Daily Planet

Dia de muertos meets Evil Kenievel!

Since our visit a couple of weeks ago, I’ve read some less than complimentary comments about Daily Planet on Urbanspoon.

I acknowledge there’s probably some kinks to be ironed out, and definitely room for improvement, as is the case with any new business.

On our visit, we found the floor staff really friendly, and they were very responsive and quick to notice dirty plates and empty water glasses.

The staff member behind the register was also quick to rectify a problem with our bill, when we noticed an extra $30 worth of hot chocolates had made it on to our tab.

So while I think there’s room to improve, because overcooked eggs are absolutely a cardinal sin in my book, I’m not willing to write off Daily Planet just yet.

Have you eaten at the Daily Planet?
What did you think? Tell me in the comments!

Daily Planet on Urbanspoon

3 thoughts on “Daily Planet, Mount Lawley

  1. Hayley

    I had coffee and cake there with friends the other night. Everybody’s orders arrived together except mine. I assumed that mine was just taking a little longer as it was an iced coffee and all the others were hot, but after 10 minutes and still nothing, I asked them about it. They were super apologetic and brought it out very swiftly, but then when I came to pay they tried to charge me twice for it – the girl at the register somehow thought that I had ordered a second one when I went to ask where it was, and it took a huddle of four staff members to decide that I wasn’t trying to stiff them out of $5. SIGH. So yeah, definitely some service kinks to be worked out. The iced coffee was nice, though, and the cakes were all pretty good too.
    Not related to food, but I did notice that all of the waitresses were wearing *super* low cut dresses, which seemed like a weird choice for a job that requires bending over towards strangers all the time.
    Anyway, bottom line, I’ll give them another shot in a month or two.

    1. jujichews Post author

      D’oh, you’ve just described one of my absolute pet hates, Hayley!
      It’s really awful when you’re dining in a group and everyone gets their drink/course/whatever, and just one person is left out…

      I’m glad you enjoyed your coffee and cake, despite J’s criticism of the huevos, we both enjoyed our food. And I thought the coffee was pretty good.

      Agree with you – will give it a couple of months then make my final call!

  2. nekomancy

    I’ve tried it and share the same opinion, in the midst of writing my initial review of Daily Planet :) I’ve just started my food blog.

    I’ve been there when it’s really quiet and the service was excellent, but then again I was one of 5 tables, so that makes a lot of difference.

    I’ve had the iced coffee & fresh juices – all were very lovely. The wait time for service is always a bit of a pain. Going to try it again later on next month and see how it goes. A little bird told me there will be some staff and menu changes :)


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