Photo Friday

Here’s some happy snaps from a recent visit to the renovated Hong Kong Barbecue…

Hong Kong Barbecue

Hong Kong Barbecue

It’s my favourite spot for Chinese barbecue – the roast pork is crispy and the duck glazed to a beautiful bronze.

The char siu features the perfect charred-to-tender ratio, adding a caramelised depth of flavour that makes me weak at the knees.

Hong Kong Barbecue

Hong Kong Barbecue

This time, we also tried the stuffed tofu with seasonal greens, which was a delicious surprise! Fat chunks of firm tofu were stuffed with fish paste, fried until golden, then doused in a savoury sauce.

The whole lot was surrounded by plump garlands of bok choy, tender yet crisp, and the perfect accompaniment to the otherwise rich, meaty dishes.

Hong Kong Barbecue

Best enjoyed with hot steamed rice – the perfect medium to soak up the flavours of the roasted meats. 

Hong Kong Barbecue

As we left the restaurant, I gazed at the window of roasted delights and thought, let’s never part. 

Hong Kong BBQ House on Urbanspoon

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