The Flying Taco, North Perth

Dinner at The Flying Taco

J and I have been huge fans of The Flying Taco ever since it opened in 2007, on Angove Street in North Perth.

Though we don’t visit as often as we used to, we’re still greeted with the same cheery smile from chef/owner Anna, who always takes the time to say hi.

Dinner at The Flying Taco

I’ve never been one to say no to TFT’s fantastic Guacamole and homemade corn chips.

Their guac has the perfect texture (in my humble opinion) – mashed until creamy, but not so much that you lose the texture of the ripe avocados.

It’s fresh, zingy with lime and the creamy texture of the avocado works so perfectly with their super crunchy corn chips, which are lightly salted.

Dinner at The Flying Taco

I wouldn’t normally call myself a creature of habit, but there’s something about TFT’s Carnitas Quesadillas with Salsa Verde. I’ve sampled many of the other options on the menu, but I always come back to this.

Tender pork mingles with chunks of sweet sweet pineapple, under a thin blanket of cheese and a grilled till crispy flour tortilla. Carnitas = magic. Seriously, magic. (Homer Simpson would support this statement)

The salsa verde, made with tart tomatillos, is my favourite, but you can also choose from a  pico de gallo or smoking hot salsa chipotle.

Dinner at The Flying Taco

And to wash it all down, you can choose from a range of totally awesome drinks, including my favourite A & W root beer, or south of the border favourites, like homemade hibiscus tea or the El Salvadorian soft drink, Kolashampan, a sugar-high in a bottle.

Dinner at The Flying Taco

Seasonal specials are often on the menu at The Flying Taco, and J was very happy with his choice on our recent visit, Tacos de Lengua.

Chef Anna told us later she wasn’t sure about putting the veal tongue tacos on the menu, knowing that it might be just a bit too crazy for some of her customers.

I’m glad she went with them anyway, because they were magnificent! The veal tongue was sliced thin, and grilled until meltingly tender.

The roasted habanero salsa was intense – chili fans, take note. I don’t know where this salsa sits on the Scoville scale, but let’s just say it’s not your standard salsa.

Dinner at The Flying Taco

Follow The Flying Taco on Twitter or Like The Flying Taco on Facebook for information on specials – I’m can’t wait to see what’s coming up for April!

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4 thoughts on “The Flying Taco, North Perth

  1. Christle

    Wish I was there! It all sounds delicious, especially the lengua tacos! Apparently my grandpa used to feed me lengua when I was a kid…I don’t remember this at all, but my mom and my grandma both agree on that…and I tried it again at a Mexican supermarket a couple years ago. Delicious!

    1. jujichews Post author

      I think my Grandma was the one who got me to try tongue, many years ago!

      She didn’t tell me what it was initially. But then I tasted it, liked it, and she did the great reveal. Smart lady ;)

      The veal tongue in these tacos tasted pretty strongly of cinnamon – lovely with the heat from the habanero salsa.

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