Heston Blumenthal’s Scotch Eggs

Easter Scotch Eggs Heston style

I’ve loved Scotch Eggs for as long as I can remember. They were usually a special item on the menu, something Mum would make on weekends, or on special request.

I think there’s something truly magic about them, even though they’re not the most glamorous or sophisticated of foods. But there’s something so moreish and satisfying about the humble Scotch Egg.

I can never resist the combination of a crunchy coating (I like to use Panko), salty-spicy sausage layer and hard-boiled egg interior.

Easter Scotch Eggs Heston style

It’s not a difficult recipe, but rather a method of making which relies on a good quality sausage well seasoned and wrapped around a hard boiled egg.

The crunchy coating is simple and makes good use of the usual three steps of crumb coating – flour, egg wash, crumb.

This time, I decided to use Heston Blumenthal’s Scotch Egg method, which relies on gently boiling the eggs until only softly set, quickly shocking them in icy water, and peeling them carefully with a teaspoon. 

Easter Scotch Eggs Heston style

The result of the Heston method is golden brown orbs of sausage and egg goodness, with an oozy golden centre.

Inspired, I decided to make some for our regular family afternoon tea. To start, I made two ‘test eggs’ to ensure I could follow his directions. That worked, as you can see from the photos.

I then followed with the rest of a dozen pack of eggs, but failed at the final hurdle – the oven baking to finish. 

Note to self: taking a shower while your eggs are finishing off in the oven equals overcooked yolks. Also known as a bad idea.

I ended up with two perfect test eggs and ten decidedly more average Scotch Eggs. But they were still delicious all the same. 

Easter Scotch Eggs Heston style

If you’d like to see how Heston made his Scotch Eggs, check out the Egg episode of How to Cook Like Heston, now available on the SBS TV website.

The Scotch Egg recipe is available from the UK Channel 4 website.

6 thoughts on “Heston Blumenthal’s Scotch Eggs

  1. Jacqui

    I did the same thing the other day, but when I wanted to crisp up the top of my hot cross buns. I went to straighten my hair and left the timer on the oven. Someone must have called me when the timer went off, because I totally forgot about them and burnt the top! Dammit!

    Guess we both learned something about prettying ourselves up while cooking :P They look great still though, would like to try making them! Where’d you get the sausage mince from?

    1. jujichews Post author

      LOL that’ll teach us. So annoying that my cooking can’t be in sync with my primping!

      I had originally planned to get some lovely sausages on Saturday from Mondo, but time got away from me.

      So instead I got some pork and apple ones from (shhhh) Coles…

      I gussied them up with extra herbs and garlic, though!

      Basically you just remove the skins, and voila – sausage mince.

  2. Amanda

    I just watched this episode on the weekend and thought how much I wanted to give it a try! Now, after reading you post I absolutely HAVE to give it a try (not to self, don’t get distracted in the final stages). Great work!


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