Sweet treats from Maison Saint-Honoré

Sweet treats from Maison Saint Honore

A quick update, to bring you the perfect Canele: with a sweet burnished exterior that’s chewy and slightly crisp – thanks to the addition of beeswax. The centres are soft and yielding; delicately vanilla fragranced and almost custardy, with just a tiny kick of rum.

Sweet treats from Maison Saint Honore

And two crisp little macarons – honey and thyme; striped with green and a classic salted caramel. Maison Saint-Honoré uses an interesting butter cream filling, that’s different to others I’ve sampled. It’s a little more solid than creamy in this chilly weather, but still carries the flavours beautifully.

Although honey and thyme are perfect partners, I found the savouriness of the thyme a little unsettling! I think the salted caramel is really more of a “me” flavour. But with so many others to sample, I think I’d be tempted to stray from my favourites in search of other interesting delights.

Maison Saint-Honoré  on Urbanspoon

For more information, visit the Maison Saint-Honoré website!

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