Hash House A Go Go, at the Imperial Palace, Las Vegas

I first heard about Hash House A Go Go while watching one of my favourite guilty pleasure TV shows, Man V. Food. In typical Juji fashion, I was more interested in host Adam Richman’s visits to local Las Vegas food destinations, rather than his terrifying attempt to eat a gargantuan big badass burrito at the NASCAR Cafe.

Hash House a Go Go

Andy’s Sage Fried Chicken Benedict with maple reduction,
2 eggs (J chose scrambled), bacon mashed potatoes and a biscuit, $12.95

Hash House’s Executive Chef Craig “Andy” Beardslee takes traditional farm favourite recipes – like country fried chicken and biscuits – and adds his own unique spin, resulting in this restaurant’s signature style, Twisted Farm Food

J’s choice, the Sage Fried Chicken Benedict is a Hash House signature dish, taking classic fried chicken and fluffy, flaky biscuits and turning them into something any farmer would envy for their early morning breakfast.

Hash House a Go Go

Sausage gravy and buttermilk biscuits, 2 eggs (I picked scrambled)
and mashed potatoes, $11.95

My attraction to foods of the American south is well documented, so it came as no surprise to my dining partners that I would choose this dish – hearty, moreish, carbohydrate overload.

And carb overload it was, my friends. There was an enormous portion of mashed potatoes beneath the eggs, biscuits and gravy. I barely made a dent in this serving.

I’ve never made sausage gravy, but after eating this, I’m convinced I need to do it – and soon. Maybe this recipe from Paula Deen would set me on the right path to sausage gravy success :) ?

Hash House a Go Go

Corned Beef, red onions and swiss cheese house hash, tossed with crispy potatoes and topped with two eggs. Served with fresh fruit and a biscuit, $12.95

L picked the corned beef hash – a jumble of homestyle corned beef (like your Mum or Grandma used to make), sweet red onions, swiss cheese and crispy potatoes. Unlike other corned beef hashes I’ve sampled (and made), this was a meat-only hash, with the potatoes cooked separately – keeping their crisp golden exteriors just right for every mouthful. 

Oh, and it didn’t stop there. Also included in the price were two eggs, fruit and a biscuit. In case the corned beef wasn’t enough! 

Hash House a Go Go

Ham, spinach and cheddar farm scramble, served with griddled mash or
crispy potatoes, fresh fruit and a biscuit, $10.95

I was really nice to see that A’s enormous farm scramble had been cooked perfectly – the eggs were set just enough to warm the ham and spinach, but also enough to melt the cheddar cheese.

And despite being the most perfect version of this dish for her taste (ie. it sounded like it was lifted out of her personal recipe book!), she was defeated early on.

Though I consider myself the carbohydrate queen of the universe – the side serving of griddled mash (Griddled! With BACON!) was so large I don’t think it deserved to be designated as a side. It probably deserves a separate plate. Or its own zip code.

We all agreed this was a great place to visit for breakfast. No matter where your preferences lie – Hash House A Go Go has an extensive menu, with options ranging from the classics (oatmeal, bacon and eggs, pancakes) to the down right twisted.

And don’t worry if you miss your early wake up call. Their most requested breakfast menu options are available all day – at breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Hash House A Go Go on Urbanspoon


So, I hear you ask, what did you do to work off this enormous breakfast?

Las Vegas Marriage Bureau


We made our way to downtown Las Vegas to collect our marriage licence! Our friends A and L were on hand as our personal paparazzi, of course :)

Las Vegas Marriage Bureau


Side note: our matching outfits were completely unplanned. I swear!

Post-breakfast outlet shopping...


And we shopped. A lot. The North Las Vegas Outlet Mall is pretty amazing!

4 thoughts on “Hash House A Go Go, at the Imperial Palace, Las Vegas

  1. Christine (@cookingcrusade)

    Ohhh American breakfasts. Soo.. beautiful. I had no idea such a thing as sausage gravy existed but LOL leave it to Paula Deen to make something so heart stoppingly delicious. Woohoo for collecting your marriage licence too!! :D:D

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