Metrio & Co, North Perth

Metrio & Co

When my friend and colleague G recently mentioned a new cafe on Angove Street with ‘delicious pancakes’, I made a mental note to check it out.

It’s a street I’m more than familiar with, being home to one of my all time favourites, The Flying Taco. I’ve watched the neighborhood grow and change since I first visited it, when my sister Flexnib lived there years ago.

Metrio & Co

We managed to snap up the last table outside to enjoy the Saturday sunshine. After checking out the blackboard of breakfast options, I returned to the counter to order. The service was efficient and friendly – just what I want when it’s busy.

J chose the Salsa poached eggs, $17. The softly set, oozing poached eggs were perfection with lashings of spicy tomato salsa.

Metrio & Co

Juicy and sweet tomatoes worked their tasty magic with slivers of finely sliced red onion and creamy avocado.

I’m personally not too keen on overzealous use of balsamic plate dressing – sure, it looks nice, but sometimes it’s just too overwhelming a flavour. In this case, however, I think it set off the sweetness of the tomatoes beautifully. And J didn’t seem to mind much either.

Metrio & Co

Of course, pancakes were on my mind, and I wasn’t disappointed by Metrio’s fluffy Pancake stack with maple syrup, $12.

I think Metrio & Co’s chef might just be a fan of Bill Granger’s ricotta hotcakes. I’m pretty certain my foodie-spidey sense detected the addition of ricotta in the mix, adding to the light, airy texture of the pancakes on offer here.

I was pleasantly surprised to find them delivered with a side of tart berry sauce and creme fraiche, which was a lovely change from the usual cream or ice cream options I’ve become accustomed to expect.

I did wonder whether this was the usual presentation of this dish, though, as neither the berries or the creme fraiche were mentioned on the menu. Not a problem, by any means, but worth mentioning in case this was just a random off-menu bonus!

Metrio & Co

Our lazy Saturday morning wouldn’t have been complete without coffee, and Metrio & Co have definitely brought their A-game on the coffee front. Their Fiori coffee was made with beautifully textured milk (even for us soy drinkers), at a great temperature. Winning.

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7 thoughts on “Metrio & Co, North Perth

  1. Sue

    Pancakes look delish! Were they overly sweet like they can sometimes be? Were you able to finish them? I may have to try out this cafe soon.

    1. jujichews Post author

      The thing I really loved about these was that although the maple syrup was sweet, the berry sauce and creme fraiche were both quite tart. The combination of sweet syrup and tangy berries was delish!

      I finished them – it wasn’t hard to do :)

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