The Angry Moose, Mount Lawley

The Angry Moose

The Angry Moose is a relative newcomer to Beaufort Street, opening while we were overseas during September and October. Brought to us by the team behind Lawley’s Bakery, the Angry Moose features meat from everyone’s favourite Inglewood butcher, Mondo di Carne, and buns made by (who else) Lawley’s.

The Angry Moose



J’s Angry Moose, came with a beef patty, green tomato chutney and oozing Emmenthal cheese. He decided to add extra caramelised onions, which proved to be an excellent choice, as they were cooked until sweetly tender and golden.

The Angry Moose

My oddly named B.E.L.T The Moose featured a beef patty, bacon, fried egg, lettuce, tomato and caramelised onion with a generous schmear of aioli.

The Angry Moose

I was happy with my choice when I found my egg to be cooked perfectly, softly set with just a hint of ooze :)

The golden yolk helped keep things juicy, and really melded together the flavours of the burger.

This is definitely a good option for those with a hearty appetite. There’s lots to like in this burger – literally – with everything from the bacon, lettuce and onions added generously to the sizeable patty and bun.

The Angry Moose

We initially opted to try the sweet potato fries, but their flaccid, soggy texture was so disappointing we decided to order a round of regular potato as well. Luckily the standard chips fared better. I couldn’t recommend the sweet potato fries to anyone.

The aioli which features in all the burgers offered here, also comes with the chip options too. It was packing quite a punch, with the tell tale sharpness that tends to come from adding chopped raw garlic to standard egg mayonnaise. It was a little jarring, and not really enjoyable for me – and after mentioning it to two other friends, I found my experience wasn’t a one off.

In fact, a fellow food-fan and burger connoisseur told me that on first taste he was sure they used jarred garlic in his serve of aioli. Hmm. Whether it’s fresh chopped or jarred, this quantity of raw garlic isn’t something I’m too keen on (and I like my garlic) – especially when it’s simply stirred through, rather than blended into the emulsion.

The Angry Moose

Have you been to The Angry Moose? What did you think?

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3 thoughts on “The Angry Moose, Mount Lawley

  1. Susan

    I’ve been there several times now, just in the last month or so. I love it; I think it’s absolutely awesome. The quality of the ingredients is so good, fresh & healthy. I’ve tried the pulled pork burger (melt in the mouth) and a couple of the naked burgers which is a nice option to have. The sweet potate chips must have improved from the above review because I love them and they haven’t been soggy at all. So delicious I’ve taken several lots of people there and they all love it as well.


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