The Merrywell, Crown Perth

The Merrywell

Wagyu mini burgers, $22, Wagyu beef patties with white cheddar,
BBQ caramelised onions, bread & butter pickles

We visited The Merrywell at Crown Perth by chance on a weekday night last month. After two different, but equally exhausting days, we decided a night out with good food, thirst quenching drinks and the ring of pokie machines in distance might just be the remedy we needed.

The offerings at The Merrywell are ‘delicious with a daring twist’ and the menu from chefs Grant MacPherson and Sammy DeMarco should appeal to a wide range of tastes, whether you’re a die hard carnivore or salad fan.

The Merrywell

D-Man & G-Mac BLT, $28, porchetta, pork belly, pancetta,
egg, rocket, tomato, bacon aioli, bacon bread and onion rings

But we had other menu items in mind, inspired by our recent wedding and holiday state-side, where we’d further cultivated our love of sizeable sandwiches and juicy, artery clogging burgers.

The D-Man and G-Mac BLT was calling to me from the moment I spied it on the menu.

The Merrywell

Sandwiched between bacon bread (you’ll spot the crispy chunks throughout), this ultimate BLT comes generously filled with thickly sliced porchetta, salty pancetta, and tender pork belly. Just in case you’re hungry for more, a softly set fried egg, crisp lettuce and sweet tomato slices are also included, topped with a creamy bacon aioli.

This a hearty sandwich salute to all things pig, and a great option if you’re particularly hungry! I struggled to finish this, even with J gallantly offering to help me finish it.

The onion rings were crisp, in a light, bubbly batter. They looked perfect, but were unfortunately quite cold by the time my plate got to me.

We both loved the large juicy spears of daikon pickle that came with the sandwich. It’s a shame they’re not available on their own on the menu – I’d order them again for sure!

The Merrywell

Wagyu mini burgers, $22, Wagyu beef patties with white cheddar,
BBQ caramelised onions, bread & butter pickles

The Wagyu mini burgers were an absolute delight, showcasing the juicy and tender beef patties perfectly with minimal fuss, but maximum flavour.

I’m personally a big fan of minimally dressed burgers – especially when top grade beef is used – I think it really helps showcase the natural flavour and texture of the meat.

The Merrywell

Extra juiciness was added here with the addition of the gooey white cheddar, BBQ caramelised onions and bread & butter pickle slices.

These burgers are served medium-rare (though mine looked closer to medium), on soft pillowy rolls which come joined together – a little detail I loved as it made me think of White Castle‘s often referenced sliders, and the potato rolls I so loved to gaze at in American grocery stores.

The Merrywell

We also decided on a serve of fries, plus cheese and Au Poivre sauce (that’s pepper sauce, in case you’re wondering). I was a little disappointed that the cheese had been sprinkled on top of the cooled fries, leaving it mostly unmelted over the chips. Luckily the Au Poivre came to the rescue – black pepper gravy remedies even somewhat lacklustre cheese fries!

The Merrywell

To wash down our meals, J enjoyed a pint of Kosciuszco Pale Ale ($11), while the designated driver (ahem, me) had a mysterious non-alcoholic concoction care of our able barman. A generous slug of ginger ale, muddled limes, mint and orange juice were definitely involved here.

The Merrywell

And the service? Well. Okay. Most of the time. Except for when we needed cutlery. And water glasses. Or napkins. Or menus.

There’s no table service at The Merrywell. A well-signed corner booth is the ordering station, and it’s first come first serve as far as tables. This arrangement suits me fine, as I quite enjoy being left to find my own table in a spot that suits.

However, in light of this seating arrangement and the constant flow of hungry patrons, I’d expect abandoned tables and dishes to be cleared quickly, and table-top caddies of cutlery, napkins and menus to be refilled as a matter of course. And forget about going to the water station to fill your glass yourself – you’ll be shooed away quickly.

I really hope the service we experienced was not indicative of how things are all the time. We really enjoyed the food and the atmosphere, as well as the bar staff who seemed to know what they were doing. It’s a real shame when average service lets an establishment down, with what would be an otherwise winning combination.

The Merrywell on Urbanspoon

Opening hours
11.30am – midnight Sunday to Thursday
11.30am – 3am Friday & Saturday

No reservations

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