Is Donburi, Northbridge

IS Donburi

Miso chicken katsu don, $13.80

When my sister told me that Northbridge’s latest Japanese hot spot, Is Doburi was serving their katsu don with a special misonaise, I was very keen to taste it for myself.

And taste it I did, on both the pork, AND chicken katsu don, when I visited Is Donburi on a recent Friday night.

The combination of a crunchy katsu and egg is a classic Japanse combination that’s just perfect over fluffy white rice. All of the chicken and egg toppings I’d previously enjoyed were quickly coated in a sweet-salty soy sauce, but here, Is Donburi has kicked it up a notch, drizzling their protein double-team with a house made misonaise – mayonnaise and miso! Together! It’s the perfect balance of creamy and salty with just a hint of something-something, the fifth taste – umami.

Each donburi here comes with a complimentary side salad and bowl of miso soup, which are perfect to round out an already satisfying meal.

IS Donburi

Combination sashimi 9 pieces, $16.80 – featuring salmon, tuna and kingfish

Both J and I were very glad to welcome this stunning sashimi combination to our table. The fresh chunks of tuna were smooth and creamy – without a hint of the rough, almost gritty texture that’s common with low grade fish. The salmon is similarly swoon-worthy, lightly rippled with fat, with a pleasingly firm bite.

IS Donburi

The delightful kingfish

But it’s the kingfish on offer at IS Donburi is, that is seriously outstanding. We were both impressed with the care taken in the chef’s knife work on the lightly scored skin-side of the flesh, and floored when we nibbled on the fish itself.

It’s fresh with a distinct sweetness. Fish this fresh is offset so well by a smidge of wasasbi and a light drizzle of soy sauce.

I’m always pleased when I find a new food destination is as exciting and satisfying as everyone tells me it is. I’m now definitely a misonaise convert, and the sashimi was so good it had us talking about it for days. So much so that we returned in less than a week to sample the big kahuna (15 pieces for $26.50) !

On both our visits we were glad to find that service was consistently friendly and efficient. The kitchen and front of house teams handle service with a smile, all while managing a constant stream of customers eating in and ordering take away.

Is Donburi is a great little spot, whether you’re picking up lunch on the run (check out the spring roll sushi handroll!) or looking for comfortable place to eat in.

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Open daily 11.30am to 9.30pm

3 thoughts on “Is Donburi, Northbridge

  1. ChopinandMysaucepan

    Dear Juji,

    The sushi looks really fresh and delicious but call me traditional, I would have preferred the look of a hand-made clump of wasabi over a pretty dollop squeezed out of a piping bag.

    1. jujichews Post author

      I didn’t mind the piped wasabi, to be honest – the process gave the wasabi a nice airy texture, making it easy to apply to each morsel. I find wasabi is often times too paste-like when it’s been compacted and hand formed into little portions for serving.

      1. ChopinandMysaucepan

        I don’t find clumpy wasabi an issue if it’s going to be evenly mixed into light soy sauce anyway. I guess it would help those who might be on a gluten-free diet and not dipping their sushi into soy.

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