Shake Shack, Upper West Side, New York

Shake Shack!

One of the New York food destinations I was most excited to drop in on was definitely Shake Shack.

Central Park photo collage

We started our day with a stroll around Central Park, ambled around the Museum of Natural History, and found ourselves on Columbus Avenue, in the leafy surrounds of Manhattan’s Upper West Side.

Shake Shack

Yay, Shake Shack!

Shake Shack!

My friend L and I both opted for the Classic – the ShackBurger ($4.60 single, $7.20 double) featuring a juicy Angus beef patty, fresh lettuce, tomato, and slice of American cheese topped with ShackSauce.

I tried not to think too hard about the Fake Shack recipe I’d seen at A Hamburger Today, and the slightly terrifying likelihood that there was ninja ketchup hidden in this condiment.

Shake Shack!

The SmokeShack ($6.25 single, $8.80 double) could have well been created with gluttons like J in mind. Here, an Angus beef and American cheese combo are also topped with Niman Ranch applewood smoked bacon and cherry peppers – topped with (of course) ShackSauce.

Shake Shack!

No discussion was necessary – these are indeed tasty burgers. Even the probable ketchup didn’t bother me. They were that freaking good. From the juicy beef patty to the perfectly melted cheese.

And the bun.

Oh, the bun.

Why don’t more Aussie burger establishments go with the soft, pillowy burger bun? And I don’t mean the Tip Top sesame seed variety – I’m talking squishy ‘potato rolls’ – with shiny golden tops and fluffy white innards.

Shake Shack!

Even the chips ($2.70) at Shake Shack are better than the average. Here, the order of the day is crinkle cut chips! They make any chip better, in my opinion.

Shake Shack!

We couldn’t stop at just burgers and fries. Not when there’s peanut butter shakes ($5.00), and the special Concrete of the Day is red velvet ($4.25 half, $6.50 regularl)!

Shake Shack!

Smooth, creamy frozen custard blended with fluffy red velvet cake crumbs. It sounds good, doesn’t it? Trust me, it was.

I’m officially obsessed. And on my next trip to New York, you can be sure I’ll be back. But next time we might have to make it a double.

Shake Shack on Urbanspoon

Open 10.45am – 11.00pm daily


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