Pimlott and Strand, North Perth

Pimlott and Strand, North Perth

When you’re out for a meal with your spouse, partner-in-crime or friends, do you ever have that dinner (or breakfast, or lunch) table argument about who is ordering what?

In the house of Jujay, the conversation usually goes like this:

Juji: “Are you having the eggs? I’ll get the pancakes. And then we can share.”

J: “But I wanted the pancakes!’

Juji: “Fine, you get the pancakes, but can I share my dish with you? I want to be able to blog about them both.”

J: Sigh. “Okay.”

Luckily for me, J is a good sport, and has always been happy to share his dishes with me for the purposes of research.

But naturally, he’s pretty pleased when the planets align and we both have our hearts set on the same dish.

Pimlott and Strand, North Perth


Photo opportunities are a distant memory when we both get a glance of our Eggs Hamburg ($15.50) – a variation on the classic Eggs Benedict.

Pimlott and Strand, North Perth

A rich and slightly dense herb and parmesan beef patty sits atop a toasted pretzel roll. It’s topped with generous slices of bacon, poached eggs and a generous drizzle of hollandaise sauce.

I’m tucking in with gusto, quietly cheering for the appearance of the pretzel roll. After my first bite I found myself plotting to figure out who their supplier was so that I could make them my own (Little Home Bakery, I’m looking at you!)

The flavoursome beef patty and salty bacon work just beautifully with the oozing egg yolk and hollandaise combo. If I could find a way to magic away the cholesterol and fat, I’d make this dish part of my ‘all hearty, all the time’ repertoire.

Pimlott and Strand, North Perth

Don’t forget the coffee when you visit – it’s a great brew. Perfect with cake. Or eggs. Or solo. Or with a side of gourmet groceries. Who am I to dictate the terms? Coffee for all, I say!

Pimlott and Strand, North PerthPimlott and Strand, North Perth

Pimlott and Strand, North Perth

You’ll find Pimlott and Strand on the Fitzgerald Street side of North Perth Plaza. Definitely worth a look!

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One thought on “Pimlott and Strand, North Perth

  1. Row

    LOL, the above exchange sounds very familiar to me. It’s awesome to have husbands who are good sports about sharing food. :)


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