Ace Pizza, Highgate

Dinner at Ace Pizza

Confession time: when Sunday night rolls around, 99.95% of the time, I turn into a ‘cooking dinner in my pajamas’ kinda gal.

Forget the reservations. Ignore the pesky food photography. The perfect Sunday night for me involves spending time with a new recipe, preferably something labelled ‘slow cook’, taking my time and enjoying a glass of wine (or two). Husband and dog definitely not optional.

But all that being said, I can certainly be convinced to dispense with the homebody routine. And convinced I was, when my best girl L suggested we head on over to Ace Pizza in Highgate for dinner on Sunday.

Dinner at Ace Pizza

The Godfather ($22.00) is topped with thinly shaved San Daniele proscuitto, draped casually over a tomato and mozzarella base.

We’re impressed with the thin yet substantial crust, that’s perfectly chewy with a hint of crispy char.

It’s light yet filling, and the salty tang of prosciutto has me going back for seconds.

Dinner at Ace Pizza

I don’t think a single one of us missed a beat when the meatballs n pepperoni sauce ($11.00) was suggested.

The meatballs are a hearty mix of beef and (I’m guessing) veal and/or pork. The pepperoni sauce is a definite star – and not a single drop was wasted as we discovered how great an accompaniment it was for leftover pizza crusts :P

Dinner at Ace Pizza

I’m ordering with my stomach when I spot The Farmboy ($18.00). It’s served bianco, and topped with thin slivers of potato, garlic, rosemary and, my favourite – guanciale – the delectable and artery clogging Italian cured pig jowl (cheek).

Though I’d have loved a little more guanciale on my pizza, I was pretty content to enjoy what was there. But when you’re averaging a skimpy sliver per slice, you can’t help but wish for just a little bit more.

Dinner at Ace Pizza

With a die-hard mac and cheese fan (or two) on the table, it was only natural that we’d pick the fried mac and cheese ($7.00 for two pieces).

Dinner at Ace Pizza

It turned out to be quite the star, with a deep golden crust that had just the right amount of crunch and a creamy cheesy middle.

This is the stuff mac and cheese dreams are made of. Well, my dreams, anyway.

Dinner at Ace Pizza

If greens are your thing, let me tell you about Ace’s take on the classic Caesar – at $17.00, this substantial salad would be just the thing for a solo meal. If you could stand to turn down the pizza, the meatballs and the mac and cheese, that is.

Dinner at Ace Pizza

Fresh cos lettuce is topped with crispy shards of pancetta, boiled eggs, anchovies and a snowstorm of parmesan cheese – along with the crispest chicken skin I’ve ever had the pleasure of eating that didn’t come in a red and white box labelled KFC.

Dinner at Ace Pizza

Feeling crazily invincible after our meal, we moved on to the sweet end of the evening.

You’ll find the River Cafe classicchocolate nemesis ($11.00) – on the menu, and it’s a decadent option for the chocolate lovers out there.

Chocolatey, moussey and with a thin meringue-like crust, this is one hell of a chocolate cake. Much cheaper than a return trip to London, too.

Dinner at Ace Pizza

The four of us also split two tiramisu donuts ($5.00 each) …

Pillowy and yeasty, these fresh donuts are filled with a rich coffee cream. Next time, I may find the suggestion of sharing more difficult to manage ;)

My favourite dessert out of all their options?

Definitely the Ace soft serve ($7.00) which comes with ‘build it yourself’ toppings of crushed biscotti, honeycomb and two self-serve squeeze bottles filled with salted caramel and Ace’s own version of the much-loved Cottee’s classic, Ice Magic!

When L wasn’t being my topping model, and when I wasn’t taking photos, we may have been enjoying sneaky dessertspoonfuls of salted caramel. Maybe.

Open daily, 5.30pm until late. 

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7 thoughts on “Ace Pizza, Highgate

  1. Row

    Oh my goodness, what a fabulous meal! Normally I’m a “pizza only, no side dishes” person, but even the salad looks mouthwatering.

  2. Jean Cruz

    Tons and tons of cheese! Yum! Hope I can visit that place as well, I might try some of your suggestions here. Thanks for the share!

    Anyways, where do you get your kitchen tools and accessories? Me? I get them only from They have the finest selections and fantastic deals ever.

    Nice blog you have right here. I’ll definitely come back for more.



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