Breakfast at The Flying Taco, North Perth

Breakfast at The Flying Taco

I’ve been a loyal fan of The Flying Taco since it opened in 2007. Thoroughly obsessed since I first tried Anna’s carnitas quesadillas with her zingy salsa verde. So much so that I pretty much always order the same thing. Every time. For seven years! 

But just a few weeks ago, I was excited to hear that Anna had added breakfast to The Flying Taco menu… and naturally, in the interests of blog research, I had to check it out.

The menu features a mix of Flying Taco originals and a few classics for those already acquainted with Mexican breakfast dishes.

The Flying Taco’s much loved house made guacamole, refried beans and salsas are prominent on the menu.

It’s predominantly veggie-based, though you’ll find carne asada (steak – usually skirt or flank cut) on the menu as well as bacon – an optional, though welcome addition to any meal at $3.00.

Breakfast at The Flying Taco

On our first visit, we tried the Danny ‘Machete’ Trejo, $12.50, with added guacamole, $2.50, on recommendation from Anna.

Breakfast at The Flying Taco

It’s a take on the classic breakfast dish – Huevos Rancheros, and features two fried homemade corn tortillas smothered in a spicy ranchera sauce and topped with refried beans and two fried free range eggs.

To be honest, it was so good both J and I ate our meals in about two minutes flat.

The ranchera sauce is tomato-based, but with a definite kick. It’s a wake up call for taste buds. And though I haven’t tried it on a morning after the night before, I’d be willing to bet it’s one of the best ways around to blow off the morning cob webs.

Breakfast at The Flying Taco

The following weekend, we returned without a moment’s hesitation.

And without much discussion – we were back to see Danny again, this time, plus bacon.

And coffee. Let’s not forget the coffee.

Breakfast at The Flying Taco

The Flying Taco’s brew comes from Vic Park favourites – Antz Inya Pantz. It’s fruity and fresh with bitter chocolate notes. It’s filtered (using a Moccamaster, if you’re interested) – which is a departure from the usual around town.

At $3.00 a cup (with free refills for dine-in customers), it’s not bad value, and would definitely be worth a spin if you’re usually a long black drinker.

I know filtered coffee cops a lot of flak. But I personally love filtered coffee. It’s a love that was definitely cemented by our 2012 wedding and visit to the States. Diners + coffee + Juji = winning.

It’s probably also been influenced by a love of a particular TV series featuring two main characters that drink way too much coffee and eat too many meals in a diner that features a baseball cap wearing, coffee-pot toting owner*.

We’re already fans of breakfast at The Flying Taco. But next time, I just have to try something else …

The Flying Taco
40 Angove St, North Perth
For the full menu and opening hours, visit The Flying Taco website

*Props to you if you can work out that reference…

4 thoughts on “Breakfast at The Flying Taco, North Perth

  1. Elizabeth

    Gilmore Girls? :)

    I think it’s important to never compare bottomless diner coffee to fancier coffee. They’re both wonderful, but in different ways! I love them both.

  2. karenbear9

    I love the Flying Taco as much as I love Gilmore Girls. Can’t wait to try their breakfast menu! Especially after finding out last weekend that Pimlott and Strand around the corner have closed.

  3. Rt. Hon. Wiebrands (@flexnib)

    I just had the Cheech & Chong – fresh, tasty and flavoursome. The menu says “REFRIED BLACK BEANS, SWEET POTATO HOMEFRIES, SPINACH AND BRAISED RANCHERA MUSHROOMS (V, GF)”. I think there’s caramelised onion in it too, and some very thin radish slices. One of the best breakfasts I’ve had in ages.


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