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Breakfast at The Flying Taco, North Perth

Breakfast at The Flying Taco

I’ve been a loyal fan of The Flying Taco since it opened in 2007. Thoroughly obsessed since I first tried Anna’s carnitas quesadillas with her zingy salsa verde. So much so that I pretty much always order the same thing. Every time. For seven years! 

But just a few weeks ago, I was excited to hear that Anna had added breakfast to The Flying Taco menu… and naturally, in the interests of blog research, I had to check it out.

The menu features a mix of Flying Taco originals and a few classics for those already acquainted with Mexican breakfast dishes.

The Flying Taco’s much loved house made guacamole, refried beans and salsas are prominent on the menu.

It’s predominantly veggie-based, though you’ll find carne asada (steak – usually skirt or flank cut) on the menu as well as bacon – an optional, though welcome addition to any meal at $3.00.

Breakfast at The Flying Taco

On our first visit, we tried the Danny ‘Machete’ Trejo, $12.50, with added guacamole, $2.50, on recommendation from Anna.

Breakfast at The Flying Taco

It’s a take on the classic breakfast dish – Huevos Rancheros, and features two fried homemade corn tortillas smothered in a spicy ranchera sauce and topped with refried beans and two fried free range eggs.

To be honest, it was so good both J and I ate our meals in about two minutes flat.

The ranchera sauce is tomato-based, but with a definite kick. It’s a wake up call for taste buds. And though I haven’t tried it on a morning after the night before, I’d be willing to bet it’s one of the best ways around to blow off the morning cob webs.

Breakfast at The Flying Taco

The following weekend, we returned without a moment’s hesitation.

And without much discussion – we were back to see Danny again, this time, plus bacon.

And coffee. Let’s not forget the coffee.

Breakfast at The Flying Taco

The Flying Taco’s brew comes from Vic Park favourites - Antz Inya Pantz. It’s fruity and fresh with bitter chocolate notes. It’s filtered (using a Moccamaster, if you’re interested) – which is a departure from the usual around town.

At $3.00 a cup (with free refills for dine-in customers), it’s not bad value, and would definitely be worth a spin if you’re usually a long black drinker.

I know filtered coffee cops a lot of flak. But I personally love filtered coffee. It’s a love that was definitely cemented by our 2012 wedding and visit to the States. Diners + coffee + Juji = winning.

It’s probably also been influenced by a love of a particular TV series featuring two main characters that drink way too much coffee and eat too many meals in a diner that features a baseball cap wearing, coffee-pot toting owner*.

We’re already fans of breakfast at The Flying Taco. But next time, I just have to try something else …

The Flying Taco
40 Angove St, North Perth
For the full menu and opening hours, visit The Flying Taco website

*Props to you if you can work out that reference…

The Old Crow, Northbridge

Breakfast at The Old Crow

There’s something seriously magical about a slow cooked egg. Cooked in their shells below boiling point for far longer than the usual (65 degrees celsius for 65 minutes) - the resulting egg is soft and silky, but quite solidly set.

This weekend,  I met the slow cooked egg of my dreams, at The Old Crow in Northbridge.

Breakfast at The Old Crow

The slow cooked egg was served with a flavoursome mix of lightly sauteed mushrooms including fresh shiitake, portabello and button varieties ($19.00). I really enjoyed the meaty texture of the mushrooms. Lightly browned just a hint of caramelisation, they really satisfied my craving for something something - though they weren’t my usual breakfast go-tos (bacon, chipolatas).

Breakfast at The Old Crow

The provolone croquettes were seriously good. A delightful contradiction, even. Crisp yet pillowy soft. Salty yet just barely sweet. Rich but amazingly light and almost fluffy.

When paired with the rich red sauce (hidden beneath the mix of mushrooms and croquettes) – utterly moreish.

Breakfast at The Old Crow

As well established gluttons, it was hard to ignore the fried potatoes with cajun salt and ranch ($9.00). ‘They’re a bargain!’ we said. ‘But I’m starving’, I assured J.

But try as we might, we were utterly defeated by these crunchy beauties. I’m guessing their fantastic crunch and deep golden brown was the result of being double-fried (or par-boiled then fried). The cajun salt had a kick that was perfectly offset by the cool and creamy ranch dressing.

Breakfast at The Old Crow

Getting into the weekend spirit, J kicked off his meal with a mustardy, spicy Bloody Mary ($15.00). I’m not much of a fan of tomato juice …so he enjoyed that by himself! (My usual soy flat white did the trick, thanks.)

Breakfast at The Old Crow

Though I passed on the Bloody Mary, J’s choice of cowboy beans and eggs with belly bacon ($18.00) was much more covetable – just check out that charry belly bacon!

We both really loved the faint sweetness and subtle smoke of the beans. They tasted like the real deal – cooked low and slow with a flavoursome tomato-based sauce and probably a meaty bacon bone or two for a mellow yet flavourful punch. Mild hints of cumin, paprika and maple (I think) were a highlight.

Suffice it to say – we’re really quite smitten. The food and drink options we tried were really well executed. It’s a well thought out menu that’s got options, but isn’t so big that you just can’t pick. The service was friendly, but more importantly quick and efficient. It was a great way to start my weekend!

Breakfast at The Old Crow

The Old Crow on Urbanspoon

In other Juji Chews news…

After much debate, pro and con lists, and general procrastinating … I’m now officially a Mac user. Bye bye, old laptop. You served me well.

It’s weird but exciting, and I’m getting the hang of the command button. And holy crap, when I’m using Lightroom to post-process my photos … oof. This thing looks amazing!

Are you a Mac person or a PC die-hard? Opinions? Favourite tricks? Got any advice for Mac noobs? Make sure you share in the comments!

Morries Anytime, Margaret River

Breakfast in Margaret River

For our first wedding anniversary, J and I packed up the car and the pup, and made our way down to Margaret River for four nights.

Other than a loose plan involving a little beach time, fishing and a lot of lazing around – the only other thing on our agenda was eating our way around this lovely part of Western Australia.

Breakfast in Margaret River

Morries Anytime was high on our ‘to try’ list. We debated visiting for lunch, and talked about dinner – but in the end my insatiable love for all things breakfast helped us make up our minds.

Breakfast in Margaret River

Convincing J turned out to be much easier than I thought, when I pointed out the smoked salmon, grilled polenta, soft boiled egg, chick pea and rocket salad ($20.50) on Morries’ breakfast menu.

Breakfast in Margaret River

Just a squeeze of juicy lemon was needed over the silky smoky salmon, peppery leaves and charry polenta. The plump chick peas were delicious as they were, just barely al dente, alongside the perfectly poached egg.

Breakfast in Margaret River

The coffee at Morries is a worthwhile mention – we sampled two traditional long macchiatos and a soy flat white, which I found to be perfect drinkable temperature, creamy and rich, with hints of chocolate from the beans they used.

Breakfast in Margaret River

I’m always a sucker for a full cooked breakfast.

When I saw the Morries breakfast – bacon, eggs, chipolatas, mushrooms & hash browns, smoked relish ($21.50), I was completely powerless to resist. I’m glad I’m easily swayed – it was a great choice, especially with a generous dollop of sweet and sour cumin-spiked smoked relish to enjoy with each and every mouthful.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen so much bacon on a plate at any cafe … ever, so I was more than happy to share with my dear husband (a well-known bacon obsessive). Even with his help, this was a breakfast of epic proportions, and I had to leave some of it behind.

Breakfast in Margaret River

I don’t know when we’ll next return to Margaret River, but I’m looking forward to visiting Morries Anytime for another meal.

Morries Anytime on Urbanspoon

Ley St Cafe, Como

Breakfast at Ley St Cafe

Despite living in Perth for all of my 27 years, there’s many areas of my fair city which I’ve not explored. Como is one such suburb, even though it was effectively en route to Curtin University, which I attended daily for four years.

So when our good friends Damage Catastropic and The Ministry moved into the neighbourhood – and spoke glowingly of their favourite local breakfast haunt, Ley St Cafe - I dutifully took note.

Breakfast at Ley St Cafe

Coffee, check. Mug sized option, check. Things were already looking up. Better still, when I took my first sip to find that it was a well made cup. Being lactose challenged, I’ve come to find that soy-based orders really seem to be a challenge for some baristas. This flat white was the perfect temperature, with well textured milk that was satisfyingly creamy.

Breakfast at Ley St Cafe

Hello, maple glazed bacon. Nice to meet you. 

I’m shocked, and saddened, that we haven’t met sooner. And more often.

Breakfast at Ley St Cafe

Here at Ley St Cafe, bacon and eggs aren’t just your standard fry up.

The Maple glazed bacon and eggs ($11.00) comes with two thick slices of sourdough toast topped with a sunny side up egg (perfectly runny), and a generous portion of sticky and sweet maple glazed bacon.

Buyer beware – if you’d hoped to snag a piece of this bacon from your generous dining partner, you might be out of luck. This bacon is too good to share.

Breakfast at Ley St Cafe

The breakfast classic, Eggs Benedict ($6.50 for one egg, $12.00 for two eggs) were J’s choice.

Breakfast at Ley St Cafe

As a devoted Benedict lover, he was pleased to find the hollandaise at Ley St was homemade, and the poached eggs perfectly oozy. The ham was subtly smoky.

Breakfast at Ley St Cafe

Ley St Cafe is situated in a cosy converted corner frock shop. The huge windows provide perfect sunny positions to enjoy the weekend papers with your favourite brew.

Breakfast at Ley St Cafe

Ley Street Cafe on Urbanspoon

Mary Street Bakery, Highgate

Breakfast at Mary Street Bakery

Breakfast at Mary Street Bakery

Breakfast at Mary Street Bakery

I know a few people who were shocked, and frankly, gutted, when Soto Espresso closed its doors late last year. But I think they’ll be more than pleased to find that the coffee and breakfast gods have smiled, replacing it with bakery/cafe du jour, Mary Street Bakery.

Breakfast at Mary Street Bakery

J and I dropped in on Saturday for a fleeting visit between home and a date with a motion analysis lab. Really. Long story. But if you’re interested, you can ask him.

The boiled eggs with toast soldiers and tomato chutney had my name all over them. They come with a sweet and sour tomato chutney that’s delicately spiced and slightly chunky. Truth be told, though I enjoyed it when I tried it, the eggs on their own (cooked perfectly, I’ll add) with a sprinkle of sea salt and toast to dunk with was just perfect. Except for the fact that the soldiers were served sans butter. Toast without butter just ain’t right.

Breakfast at Mary Street Bakery

Breakfast at Mary Street Bakery

The coffee served here is locally roasted in O’Connor, by Pound Coffee Roastery. It was a decent cup, which kept my coffee snob – I mean, husband – satisfied to the last drop.

Breakfast at Mary Street Bakery

The star of our breakfast visit was definitely this pretty dish – homestyle baked beans with an apple slaw and a thick slice of crusty golden pork belly.

Breakfast at Mary Street Bakery

It was beautifully fresh, with the crisp slivers of apple contrasting well with the richness of the fatty pork belly and the hearty beans.

I was surprised by the Asian flavour profile used here – the mound of fresh coriander was a big hint, along with the hints of chili and sweet soy (kecap manis) I think I detected.

Breakfast at Mary Street Bakery

Breakfast at Mary Street Bakery

At 9.00am, things were busy, with just the tables on the street left by the time we sat down. It’s worth checking out, but if you’re after a warm table inside, I’d definitely recommend stopping in early.

Open Monday to Sunday
7.00am to 4.00pm

Mary Street Bakery on Urbanspoon

Miss Kitty’s Saloon, Inglewood

How many visits does it take you to decide that you really like a restaurant? Once? Twice? Maybe more? I’m on the fence about this magic number, but sometimes, I think once is all it takes.

Miss Kitty's Saloon

J and I have visited Inglewood’s newest location du jour, Miss Kitty’s Saloon several times now, and we’ve been pleasantly surprised on each and every visit.

Miss Kitty's Saloon

Chorizo and slow cooked eggs ($16.00) are served here with a green sauce and sweet potato hash. The slow cooked eggs were a source of much excitement for my dear husband, who has been dreaming of this style of eggs for over seven years – since he first tried them cooked in this way at Cumulus Inc.

Miss Kitty's Saloon

J and I debated for some time about the ‘hash’ label on the menu, and decided the misnomer might be to divert expectant customers from the vision of a McD’s style potato hash brown. It’s definitely not the sort of hash I had in mind. Not that it matters, because it was delicious! Imagine a sweet potato scallop (yes, like the kind from your local fish and chippy) covered in super crispy panko crumbs.

Miss Kitty's Saloon

Buttermilk flapjacks with sticky banana ($11.80) remind me very much of Bill Granger’s ricotta pancakes, due to the addition of salty and sweet honeycomb butter. They’re light and fluffy, yet pleasingly dense – in the way that all north American pancakes are compared to their lighter crepe cousins.

Miss Kitty's Saloon

The bananas are an excellent accompaniment, but I highly recommend upping the ante with the optional add on of bacon ($4.00)!

Miss Kitty's Saloon

The steak ‘n’ eggs ($19.00) come with peas and fries, taking this already hearty combo to the next level. It’s down home American meets old blighty (or Radelaide) here, as the peas come mushy! I can’t stop pinching the fries, which are crispy, salty and perfect for mopping up peas.

Miss Kitty's Saloon

The Chicken and waffles ($16.00) were different to what I had in mind, far removed from the sweet and salty homestyle dish I’d sampled on my visit to the States last year.

At Miss Kitty’s, the chicken and waffles are a much more delicate dish – both in terms of presentation and taste. It features three crispy chicken strips over a single fluffy waffle, a tumble of fresh greens, juicy tomatoes and finely sliced red onion. A sweet and sticky red chili sauce and a generous splodge of creme fraiche are there to add a little moisture.

I have to admit, I wasn’t expecting this at all. Instead I had visions of the American classic –  bone-in chicken over a plate sized waffle generously drizzled with cream sauce or maple syrup, But despite my initial surprise, I still find myself going back for more.

These unexpected takes on north American diner classics are all part of the charm of Miss Kitty’s Saloon. We’re sure glad to welcome Miss Kitty to the neighbourhood.

Miss Kitty's Saloon on Urbanspoon

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Pimlott and Strand, North Perth

Pimlott and Strand, North Perth

When you’re out for a meal with your spouse, partner-in-crime or friends, do you ever have that dinner (or breakfast, or lunch) table argument about who is ordering what?

In the house of Jujay, the conversation usually goes like this:

Juji: “Are you having the eggs? I’ll get the pancakes. And then we can share.”

J: “But I wanted the pancakes!’

Juji: “Fine, you get the pancakes, but can I share my dish with you? I want to be able to blog about them both.”

J: Sigh. “Okay.”

Luckily for me, J is a good sport, and has always been happy to share his dishes with me for the purposes of research.

But naturally, he’s pretty pleased when the planets align and we both have our hearts set on the same dish.

Pimlott and Strand, North Perth


Photo opportunities are a distant memory when we both get a glance of our Eggs Hamburg ($15.50) – a variation on the classic Eggs Benedict.

Pimlott and Strand, North Perth

A rich and slightly dense herb and parmesan beef patty sits atop a toasted pretzel roll. It’s topped with generous slices of bacon, poached eggs and a generous drizzle of hollandaise sauce.

I’m tucking in with gusto, quietly cheering for the appearance of the pretzel roll. After my first bite I found myself plotting to figure out who their supplier was so that I could make them my own (Little Home Bakery, I’m looking at you!)

The flavoursome beef patty and salty bacon work just beautifully with the oozing egg yolk and hollandaise combo. If I could find a way to magic away the cholesterol and fat, I’d make this dish part of my ‘all hearty, all the time’ repertoire.

Pimlott and Strand, North Perth

Don’t forget the coffee when you visit – it’s a great brew. Perfect with cake. Or eggs. Or solo. Or with a side of gourmet groceries. Who am I to dictate the terms? Coffee for all, I say!

Pimlott and Strand, North PerthPimlott and Strand, North Perth

Pimlott and Strand, North Perth

You’ll find Pimlott and Strand on the Fitzgerald Street side of North Perth Plaza. Definitely worth a look!

Pimlott & Strand on Urbanspoon

Gordon St Garage, West Perth

Breakfast at Gordon St Garage

Take a former auto electrics workshop on a quiet street in West Perth. Unleash an eclectic mix of industrial meets op-shop chic furnishings. Add a dash of freshly roasted coffee and a generous mix of breakfast classics with a few twists.

Gordon St Garage, brought to you by the men behind Balthazar (Nic Trimboli), Il Lido (Daniel Goodsell) and Duende (Graham Arthur), looks set to turn Gordon street into a destination for food lovers in West Perth.

Breakfast at Gordon St Garage

Glass cloche-covered plates of baked goods are a welcome sight as you enter this airy former workshop. As I hear yet another rumble from my belly, I find myself thinking that this isn’t like any garage I’ve ever encountered.

Breakfast at Gordon St Garage

We arrive on a quiet Sunday morning. We’re up early, thanks to our dawn-rising pooch, and eager to see what all the fuss is about. The first surprise as you enter is the sheer scale of the place. Looking at the number of tables inside, I find myself immediately thinking about the logistics of managing the floor during a busy service.

There’s at least half a dozen staff on the floor, and three behind the coffee machines as we enter. We wait by the front desk, as we’ve already spotted a group who arrived ahead of us being shown to a table.

One of the guys behind the coffee machine spots us, and tells us we can just go ahead and seat ourselves. It seems like a weird instruction to me, when there’s clearly a seating plan – larger groups of six or more are seated away from the main floor, and groups of two to four are slotted in in the middle.

Luckily we’re scooped up by a passing waitperson before I have much more time to think about it, and shown to a table for two.

Our coffee orders are taken the second we’re seated, and my faith in the service seems to be restored for the moment.

Breakfast at Gordon St Garage

The Garage breakfast ($24.00), covers all the fry-up essentials, and it’s exactly what I’m craving on this drizzly grey morning.

Start by selecting your style of eggs (I went with scrambled), pick your toast (sourdough or rye) and bring on the rest. Here at Gordon St Garage, that means a ‘pin wheel sausage’ (a pork sausage flecked with fennel, presented like a mini cumberland sausage or boerwors), streaky bacon, wood-fired mushrooms, a sweet smoked tomato, fried potato and house made baked beans.

Breakfast at Gordon St Garage

The fried potato is a carb lovers dream. The potato innards are fluffy and soft, and much more substantial than the average hash brown.

I’m also impressed by the smoky, streaky bacon, which definitely comes from a decent supplier (it’s not your standard, borderline anaemic bacon by any means).

The beans are sweet from sun-ripened tomatoes, and have a lovely smoky flavour from being simmered with a ham hock.

The only downer for me is the pin wheel sausage, which is porky, but lacking in moisture. I don’t think it’s a kitchen issue, but rather a lack of fat in the sausage mix.

Breakfast at Gordon St Garage

The pulled smoked ham hock on rye comes with boston baked beans and grilled goat’s haloumi ($17.00).

J digs in with gusto, and declares it delicious, though in the end, he thinks it would have sung even more with the addition of a soft poached egg.

Breakfast at Gordon St Garage

He tells me the addition of an oozing golden yolk would tie everything together perfectly – even the peppery rocket leaves – which at this point, sit idly to the side of his plate.

I thoroughly enjoyed the nibbles of ham hock, beans and squeaky haloumi I managed to pilfer from his plate, but can’t help but agree that an added egg would have sealed the deal for me too.

Breakfast at Gordon St Garage

Coffee is a morning must have for us both, and I’m chuffed to find my soy flat white ($4.00 plus 0.50 for soy) is right on the mark in taste, temperature and texture.

After taking a sip of his long macchiato ($4.50), J’s also impressed, enjoying the blend used by the baristas. He’s still wishing their roastery was already in action, but we’re told that side of the business will be kicking off soon.

You can already pick up supplies of all kinds, including Hario products (like the V60 drip coffee maker), syphons and burr grinders.

Breakfast at Gordon St Garage

Taking a sticky-beak upstairs, I found a selection of comfy couches, Scandinavian-style sideboards, and a quiet space that looked like it would be perfect for a cozy coffee or glass of red on a winter afternoon.

Breakfast at Gordon St Garage

By the time we were ready to leave the Garage, things had picked up considerably. Though we had both enjoyed our meals, we did end our morning wondering how things would go for the Garage as business picked up.

The service, though genuinely friendly, was patchy and at times frustrating. Though service at the beginning and end of the meal seemed to be mostly in order, it seemed to be lacking somewhat while we ate.

Staff avoiding eye contact and incomplete service are pet peeves that I was disappointed to notice here. If you don’t look at me once, you’re not going to notice my empty coffee cup. And you won’t have the opportunity to offer me another round. Or to clear my plate, or suggest I have some cake with my coffee.

There’s definitely room to improve, and I’m really hoping that the motto of the former tenant of the building which still remains on the wall – ‘do it once, do it right’ – is not just aspirational.

I was happy with the food, so I’d be happy to return to see how things pick up.

Breakfast at Gordon St Garage

Gordon St Garage on Urbanspoon

Open from 7.00am – late for breakfast, lunch and dinner

Love Thy Neighbour, Northbridge

Love Thy Neighbour

When it comes to warm and fuzzy feelings for my fellow man, I’ve got to confess – I’m a much nicer person once I’ve had my morning coffee.

And breakfast. Let’s not forget about the most important meal of the day!

Love Thy Neighbour

On a recent Saturday, my husband J (die-hard coffee nerd) suggested we drop by at one of his favourite coffee finds in Northbridge, the aptly named Love Thy Neighbour (LTN), and I was very keen to see if their caffeine and grub would help improve my mood.

Love Thy Neighbour

Their coffee, made with the house blend ‘seven’, was strong, flavourful (with a slight fruitiness) and damn good. It comes from Single Origin Roasters in Surry Hills – which I’m pretty sure I wandered past at least once on my last visit to Sydney.

J was equally impressed with his traditional long macchiato, and neither of us hesitated when we were offered a second round.

Love Thy Neighbour

J’s brioche breakfast came with softly scrambled eggs, house cured trout on a lightly toasted individual brioche. The Organic Loafers brioche was beautifully light and pillow-soft with a golden glow that only comes from the addition of fresh egg yolks.

Actually, this was declared some damn good brioche. I’m sure it would have been perfectly satisfying on its own, with a generous smear of jam.

But partnered with the salty-sweetness of the trout and the creamy eggs, this golden, buttery bread was even better!

Love Thy Neighbour

When there’s a biscuit on the menu, you’d better believe I’m going to order it. It took all of eight and a half seconds for me to make up my mind, and I’m hoping if you visit LTN, you’ll do the right thing and make the same choice.

Love Thy Neighbour

The American-style biscuit is rarely seen on Aussie menus, a rare mysterious breakfast (and any time) food that’s probably closest to a scone, but usually lighter in texture, dusted in cornmeal, and often made in it’s homeland with the snowiest of unnatural looking cooking fats – Crisco.

Love Thy Neighbour

The money shot – the bacon was hiding.

I don’t think the partially-hydrogenated-police have anything to worry about with the biscuits on offer at LTN.

The lovely light biscuit served here sandwiched a generous combination of fresh spinach, bacon, spicy homemade chutney, cheddar cheese with a softly set egg over easy.

I was glad the egg was cooked to the point of being slightly oozy, but just enough to ensure it didn’t dribble out of my biscuit.

It’s a deliciously different departure from the usual Saturday morning fry up that still manages all the main hangover food groups – in a neat carby package!

Truth be told, even though I was relatively stuffed after this, I did entertain ideas of other breakfast “snacks”.

Love Thy Neighbour

And how could I not, with the promise of smoked white chocolate ice cream, spotted on the blackboard as we wandered inside?

Consider my interest piqued. If I ever try it, you bet I’ll be telling you all about it.

Love Thy Neighbour

Oh hai, J’s phantom hand!

Love Thy Neighbour

Love Thy Neighbour are located at the rear of William Street Arcade, next to Ezra Pound. The team have recently expanded the seating area, so there’s choices for all – inside and out, bikes optional.

Love Thy Neighbour on Urbanspoon

Opening hours

Monday – Friday
6.30am – 5.00pm

7.30am – 4.00pm

Closed Sundays

Mon Ami Gabi, Paris Las Vegas Hotel and Casino

View from our balcony

Early mornings in Las Vegas are surprisingly serene. The morning air is cool and calm, minus the haze of tourist bus exhaust and cigarette smoke. It’s filled only with the quiet sounds of music playing from restaurants, as they serve breakfast to the rare early birds and night owls, making their way back to their suites after a night out.

Mornings in Vegas were one of my favourite times of day by far, as they were the perfect time for a spot of exploring without hearing the incessant snapping of wads of coupons in the sweaty palms of street vendors.

And of course, it was also the perfect time to enjoy my favourite meal of the day, breakfast, before the desert heat really took hold.

Breakfast at Mon Ami Gabi

We met J’s parents for breakfast at Mon Ami Gabi, which is located at The Paris Las Vegas Hotel and Casino. You’ll know you’ve found the right hotel when you spot the Eiffel Tower ;)

The service was friendly and super efficient – from the wait staff to the bus boys and bar staff. It’s definitely worth asking for a seat on the outdoor patio, if tables are available (or you’re willing to wait), as it’s a really lovely spot. Perfect for watching the hustle and bustle on the strip in the comfort of Mon Ami Gabi’s shady surrounds.

Breakfast at Mon Ami Gabi

J and his Dad both decided on the eggs benedict special of the day, featuring thinly sliced, tender medium-rare London Broil steak beneath two poached eggs and a spicy hollandaise sauce.

Breakfast at Mon Ami Gabi

We all looked on with baited breath as they cut through their poached eggs…

Breakfast at Mon Ami Gabi

I definitely recall a whoop of joy as the eggs oozed ribbons of silky yolk.

Breakfast at Mon Ami Gabi

J’s Mum couldn’t go past the crepe special of the day, which came with Calvados glazed apples and chantilly cream.

Evidence of the deliciousness here is limited to this one photo. This golden crepe and the spicy apples were gone in a flash. Partly due to the fact that a certain daughter-in-law to be was more than happy to “help” finish them :)

Breakfast at Mon Ami Gabi

One of my greatest joys during my visit to the States was the abundance of waffles on almost every breakfast menu.

Here at Mon Ami Gabi, the waffles on offer were light and fluffy on the inside, with a pleasing crunchy exterior. Fantastic when doused liberally with fresh blueberry syrup and lashings of chantilly cream.

Breakfast at Mon Ami Gabi

Getting ready for a wedding is hungry work – so I also ordered a side of breakfast potatoes and crispy bacon. And at $4.95 and $3.95 respectively, these sides were infinitely more satisfying than any other happy meal I could buy for the same price!

Actually, our breakfast at Mon Ami Gabi was so satisfying that we returned later that night  for dinner, on our last night on the town with our friends and J’s brother.

Whether it’s eggs, waffles or steak that takes your fancy, Mon Ami Gabi is a great spot to visit for breakfast. You’ll find it all – even at breakfast time – as bistro classics including French onion soup, Croque Madame and Steak Frites are available from 7.00am!

Mon Ami Gabi on Urbanspoon

Other highlights from our last day as non-married people…

Breakfast at Mon Ami Gabi

Mini Tabasco vs. Splenda. I’d never seen these individual serving sizes of Tabasco! Cute.

Caesar's Palace

I think we may have walked past The Bellagio and Caesar’s Palace at least five or six times that day, organising last minute things. Who knew it was so difficult to find a medium, white men’s dress shirt? Not me. Or J. Yeesh.


In between our errands, I did find time to get my fortune “told” by Zoltar …

Here’s what he said – I thought it was pretty good! :)

Thanks, Zoltar!