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Ley St Cafe, Como

Breakfast at Ley St Cafe

Despite living in Perth for all of my 27 years, there’s many areas of my fair city which I’ve not explored. Como is one such suburb, even though it was effectively en route to Curtin University, which I attended daily for four years.

So when our good friends Damage Catastropic and The Ministry moved into the neighbourhood – and spoke glowingly of their favourite local breakfast haunt, Ley St Cafe – I dutifully took note.

Breakfast at Ley St Cafe

Coffee, check. Mug sized option, check. Things were already looking up. Better still, when I took my first sip to find that it was a well made cup. Being lactose challenged, I’ve come to find that soy-based orders really seem to be a challenge for some baristas. This flat white was the perfect temperature, with well textured milk that was satisfyingly creamy.

Breakfast at Ley St Cafe

Hello, maple glazed bacon. Nice to meet you. 

I’m shocked, and saddened, that we haven’t met sooner. And more often.

Breakfast at Ley St Cafe

Here at Ley St Cafe, bacon and eggs aren’t just your standard fry up.

The Maple glazed bacon and eggs ($11.00) comes with two thick slices of sourdough toast topped with a sunny side up egg (perfectly runny), and a generous portion of sticky and sweet maple glazed bacon.

Buyer beware – if you’d hoped to snag a piece of this bacon from your generous dining partner, you might be out of luck. This bacon is too good to share.

Breakfast at Ley St Cafe

The breakfast classic, Eggs Benedict ($6.50 for one egg, $12.00 for two eggs) were J’s choice.

Breakfast at Ley St Cafe

As a devoted Benedict lover, he was pleased to find the hollandaise at Ley St was homemade, and the poached eggs perfectly oozy. The ham was subtly smoky.

Breakfast at Ley St Cafe

Ley St Cafe is situated in a cosy converted corner frock shop. The huge windows provide perfect sunny positions to enjoy the weekend papers with your favourite brew.

Breakfast at Ley St Cafe

Ley Street Cafe on Urbanspoon

Mon Ami Gabi, Paris Las Vegas Hotel and Casino

View from our balcony

Early mornings in Las Vegas are surprisingly serene. The morning air is cool and calm, minus the haze of tourist bus exhaust and cigarette smoke. It’s filled only with the quiet sounds of music playing from restaurants, as they serve breakfast to the rare early birds and night owls, making their way back to their suites after a night out.

Mornings in Vegas were one of my favourite times of day by far, as they were the perfect time for a spot of exploring without hearing the incessant snapping of wads of coupons in the sweaty palms of street vendors.

And of course, it was also the perfect time to enjoy my favourite meal of the day, breakfast, before the desert heat really took hold.

Breakfast at Mon Ami Gabi

We met J’s parents for breakfast at Mon Ami Gabi, which is located at The Paris Las Vegas Hotel and Casino. You’ll know you’ve found the right hotel when you spot the Eiffel Tower ;)

The service was friendly and super efficient – from the wait staff to the bus boys and bar staff. It’s definitely worth asking for a seat on the outdoor patio, if tables are available (or you’re willing to wait), as it’s a really lovely spot. Perfect for watching the hustle and bustle on the strip in the comfort of Mon Ami Gabi’s shady surrounds.

Breakfast at Mon Ami Gabi

J and his Dad both decided on the eggs benedict special of the day, featuring thinly sliced, tender medium-rare London Broil steak beneath two poached eggs and a spicy hollandaise sauce.

Breakfast at Mon Ami Gabi

We all looked on with baited breath as they cut through their poached eggs…

Breakfast at Mon Ami Gabi

I definitely recall a whoop of joy as the eggs oozed ribbons of silky yolk.

Breakfast at Mon Ami Gabi

J’s Mum couldn’t go past the crepe special of the day, which came with Calvados glazed apples and chantilly cream.

Evidence of the deliciousness here is limited to this one photo. This golden crepe and the spicy apples were gone in a flash. Partly due to the fact that a certain daughter-in-law to be was more than happy to “help” finish them :)

Breakfast at Mon Ami Gabi

One of my greatest joys during my visit to the States was the abundance of waffles on almost every breakfast menu.

Here at Mon Ami Gabi, the waffles on offer were light and fluffy on the inside, with a pleasing crunchy exterior. Fantastic when doused liberally with fresh blueberry syrup and lashings of chantilly cream.

Breakfast at Mon Ami Gabi

Getting ready for a wedding is hungry work – so I also ordered a side of breakfast potatoes and crispy bacon. And at $4.95 and $3.95 respectively, these sides were infinitely more satisfying than any other happy meal I could buy for the same price!

Actually, our breakfast at Mon Ami Gabi was so satisfying that we returned later that night  for dinner, on our last night on the town with our friends and J’s brother.

Whether it’s eggs, waffles or steak that takes your fancy, Mon Ami Gabi is a great spot to visit for breakfast. You’ll find it all – even at breakfast time – as bistro classics including French onion soup, Croque Madame and Steak Frites are available from 7.00am!

Mon Ami Gabi on Urbanspoon

Other highlights from our last day as non-married people…

Breakfast at Mon Ami Gabi

Mini Tabasco vs. Splenda. I’d never seen these individual serving sizes of Tabasco! Cute.

Caesar's Palace

I think we may have walked past The Bellagio and Caesar’s Palace at least five or six times that day, organising last minute things. Who knew it was so difficult to find a medium, white men’s dress shirt? Not me. Or J. Yeesh.


In between our errands, I did find time to get my fortune “told” by Zoltar …

Here’s what he said – I thought it was pretty good! :)

Thanks, Zoltar!

Things I Love Thursday: favourite Perth breakfasts

Eggs Benedict

Eggs Benedict from Toast, East Perth

Things I Love Thursday

They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and I for one, agree wholeheartedly.

Breakfast is by far my favourite meal, and I’ll happily eat breakfast food at any time of the day (or night).

This year I’m one of the bloggers who will be part of the fun for Eat Drink Perth. March is the month for food fans in the city, with restaurants, cafes and bars around Perth, Northbridge, East Perth and West Perth participating in the events.

For this Things I Love Thursday I thought I’d take a look at some of my favourite Perth breakfast spots.

Eggs benedict from Toast, East Perth

Toast, East Perth is one of my go-to spots. Located right on the water at Claisebrook Cove, this sunny breakfast, brunch and lunch spot serves breakfast options all day, starting from 7.00am.

The coffee is great, and I find it hard to ever order anything other than their fantastic Eggs Benedict!

Toast on Urbanspoon

Jean Pierre Sancho Boulangerie and Patisserie is a stand out for Perth Francophiles who need their croissant and cafe au lait fix daily. Their chocolate and banana croissants are buttery, flaky, sweet perfection.

Just try to say no to their beautiful Eclairs or Macarons, even at breakfast. I dare you!

Jean Pierre Sancho on Hay Street on Urbanspoon

Tiger Tiger

Tiger Tiger probably doesn’t need an introduction. Their reputation for fantastic food and the perfect caffeine fix goes without saying. I’ve been heading to Tiger Tiger for lazy Saturday breakfasts for years. A recent revelation was their freshly baked apple and cinnamon muffins.

It’s a fantastic spot tucked in a laneway off Murray Street, that’s popular with shoppers and cyclists alike. On a Saturday, head down early to be sure you snag a seat.

Tiger, Tiger Coffee Bar on Urbanspoon

Bocelli Cafe is one of my favourite pit-stops for coffee in Forrest Place – consistently good every time, and I admit I’m a bit of a fan of their muffins and banana bread!

Great for when I’m on the go, especially on a busy work day.

Bocelli's Espresso‎ (Perth Train Station) on Urbanspoon

City Farm on the run

And let’s not forget my work day favourite, City Farm Cafe. I battled a mild addiction to their spinach and feta muffins … I’m sorry to say I’m still not fully rehabilitated ;)

They make an excellent coffee (using Rubra beans) too – mandatory for me, Monday to Friday.

City Farm Cafe on Urbanspoon

hello caffeine

Hello caffeine! At Toast, East Perth

This is, of course, a mere snapshot of all the fantastic brekkie eats around town, and not a comprehensive list by any means!

What are your favourite breakfast spots in Perth?

I hope you’ll be keen to catch some of the Eat Drink Perth events around the city this March. There’s lots on offer, from free family events, food tours, food and wine tastings to gourmet dinners and special offers for lunch and dinner around the city. The program is now available online at Eat Drink Perth!

Look out for me in the Eat Drink Perth Program in the STM liftout in the Sunday Times this weekend. 

Follow @ShowMePerth on Twitter for updates during March!

Daily Planet, Mount Lawley

The Daily Planet

During the pre-Christmas rush, J and I decided to stop in at Daily Planet, the newly opened cafe adjacent to the other planets – Planet Video (okay, do we keep calling it video, even though they no longer rent videos?) and Planet Books.

We, like the rest of Mount Lawley, had been watching the space for months, waiting to see what would happen as the renovations progressed. 

The Daily Planet

Huevos Rancheros, $22.50

The wait was finally over a couple of months ago, and we were keen to check it out. It was busy that Saturday, and we were lucky to snag one of the last tables.

J was pleased to see Huevos Rancheros on the menu, being a fan of all things Mexican. This wasn’t a classic interpretation, but it was tasty all the same.

Two fried eggs crowned a huddle of plump butter beans, which were cooked in a spicy tomato-based sauce. Spicy chunks of chorizo added a punch throughout.

The Daily Planet

Though he really enjoyed the spicy beans, J was disappointed to find the egg yolks overcooked. It looked to me like the whole lot was probably finished off under the grill, to heat the beans, but ultimately this led to sad overcooked eggs.

The chorizo was lovely and spicy, and a welcome addition to the beans. But they could have done with a little more colour, for that caramelised perfection that suits this sausage so well.

The Daily Planet

Eggs Benedict, $16.50

I opted for the brekkie classic, Eggs Benedict, which turned out to be a much more successful dish.

Listed on the menu as poached eggs, ham, hollandaise sauce over a potato cake, I was intrigued. As a lifelong member of the potato fan club, this departure from the usual could only be a good thing – or so I thought.

Except that there was no potato cake! (In my head, I’m imagining Con the Fruiterer saying ‘what, no potato?’)

The Daily Planet

Perfect poached eggs. Fantastic!

But potato cake or not, this was a great version of this breakfast classic. Lovely fresh ham, which was clearly sliced off the bone, two perfectly poached eggs and some delectably creamy freshly made hollandaise.

The whole lot was served over some crunchy toasted sourdough, which was a fantastic vessel for the ham and eggs.

The Daily Planet

Dia de muertos meets Evil Kenievel!

Since our visit a couple of weeks ago, I’ve read some less than complimentary comments about Daily Planet on Urbanspoon.

I acknowledge there’s probably some kinks to be ironed out, and definitely room for improvement, as is the case with any new business.

On our visit, we found the floor staff really friendly, and they were very responsive and quick to notice dirty plates and empty water glasses.

The staff member behind the register was also quick to rectify a problem with our bill, when we noticed an extra $30 worth of hot chocolates had made it on to our tab.

So while I think there’s room to improve, because overcooked eggs are absolutely a cardinal sin in my book, I’m not willing to write off Daily Planet just yet.

Have you eaten at the Daily Planet?
What did you think? Tell me in the comments!

Daily Planet on Urbanspoon