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Supper time in KL

I’m pretty sure there isn’t a time of day in Kuala Lumpur when people aren’t eating, or plotting their next meal.

Even after stuffing ourselves on the delicious dinner at Ka Soh Fish Head Noodle and Seafood Restaurant, our gracious hosts were only too happy to suggest a quick car ride to another eating destination when I (rather enthusiastically) mentioned my hankering for some durian on our holiday.

You want durian? Shall we go for supper?

So it was settled. We braved double parked bumper to bumper cars and scary looking parking lot attendants, and crowded stalls with pushy waiters shoving menu boards into our faces – all in the name of durian.

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Subiaco Farmers Market

It’s market day every Saturday in Subiaco.

J and I were up early this weekend, and headed over to Subi armed with our empty shopping bags and with empty bellies. All in the name of food blog research, of course!

We did a quick lap of the treats on offer – J bought a Passionfruit and Creme Patissiere filled croissant. I only had eyes for the cinnamon bun on offer from Spirals Cinnamon Buns. Pictured above my cinnamon bun was a delightfully light version of this tuck-shop classic. I thought the ratio of cinnamon-sugar filling to dough from Spirals’ version was ideal. Less chomping through bread to get to the good bits! In fact, this cinnamon bun was less bready – I’d say it was something crossed between a yeasted doughnut dough and a scone. Substantial yet light, all at the same time.

We found some great fresh produce – potatoes, zucchini, parsnips, fennel, rhubarb, capsicum and a butternut pumpkin, as well as fresh sourdough, free range eggs, and fresh yoghurt.

The yoghurt came from Sunnydale Dairy – which I noticed from the address is the former site of the Casa Dairy (their old premises in Nedlands). The eggs were from the same stall.

There was also bottles (glass bottles!) of fresh milk available from this stall. I haven’t sampled the yoghurt yet, but I think it’ll be perfect for breakfast tomorrow :)

We also sampled and purchased some Chorizo sausages made by Spencers Brook Farm. They raise Berkshire pigs free of all the nasty bits (these little piggies are free range, organic fed and basically well loved) and also keep them out of their cured meat products (sodium nitrate free).

So with all the lovely fresh produce we scored it’s been a bit of a cooking-in weekend.

More updates to come!

Subiaco Farmers Market
Saturdays from 8am – 12:30pm
Located at Subiaco Primary School, 271 Bagot Road, Subiaco

Breakfast at Cantina 663

J and I went out to breakfast at Cantina 663 on Saturday. If I was a parent, and this blog my child, I would surely be written up by child protective services for neglect! I forgot my camera! We even had the perfect window-adjacent seat, which would have ensured good photographs.

But alas, it was not meant to be. Here are some dodgy (apologies) photos I snapped from my mobile.

My Ricotta Hotcakes, served with poached pear, rhubarb and house made vanilla ice cream. A delicious and slightly decadent breakfast choice. I was torn between sweet and savoury choices – but the promise of rhubarb was just too tempting! These were by far some of the most amazing hotcakes I have ever had the pleasure of eating. Light, fluffy and yet pleasingly soft and pillowy. Complete with discernible bits of ricotta in the mix. Bliss. The rhubarb complimented this so well, sharp and tart which perfectly contrasted with the warm sweet pear, and the cool vanilla ice cream.

J selected the House smoked salmon with poached eggs, dill and hazelnuts. We both likened this to Cumulus Inc‘s 65/65 egg with salmon. It was the perfect combination. Savoury, moreish smoked fish (which was also quite delicate) and the perfectly poached yolks. J was very pleased by the additions of fresh dill, chives and caper berries, which perfectly cut through the richness of the salmon and egg. The hazelnuts were also something of a revelation – they were lightly pickled (I think), with a tangy vinegary flavour which matched the light dressing on the plate.

We topped these off with two perfect Fiori coffees each. This has quickly become one of our favourite coffee places now that we’re living over this side of town.

We’ll absolutely be heading back. Next time, I’ll be sure to bring my camera!

Kitchen garden

I’m lucky J has a green thumb.

While I am very good at using fresh ingredients, I’m not so great at growing them myself! Over the last couple of weekends, J has been busy, putting together a planter box, planting seeds and replanting some great finds from our local Bunnings.

This weekend we bought two dwarf citrus trees (lemon and lime), a bay (leaf) tree, dwarf bean seedlings, spinach seedlings and a jalapeno chile plant.

We also have capsicums, passionfruit, strawberry plants, basil, thyme, various tomato plants, lemon grass and quite a few other varieties of chile (habanero, thai bird, and a tiny variety that are spherical [we used to call these ‘ball’ chiles in Woolworths! I don’t know if that’s their actual name]).

I’m very keen to harvest some of our home grown fruit and veg, but I think I will be waiting a little longer! All we have ready right now is basil and capsicums.